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You are a clever boy Deacs. It seems Carts did not know of Falmouth's interest. Does that mean Kimberley stadium becomes a one stop shop (club). And why did Ben Davies allegedly miss Torpoints training session this week.

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Yes Falmouth will out bid Saltash for Carter and buy another player to help them buy the title,and Ben Davis was excused training because he was training with Truro.

All is not well at Saltash as some players want to know where all the money is coming from for Carter and they also have 7 days in for Mark Berry.

Maskell has left and Purnell is fed up on the bench.

The players were told there was no more money and now this.

Watch this space.

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I thought this was common knowledge last week about Carter and Saltash. The Falmouth connection was first known I think either late Monday or Tuesday as Carter would not have known 7 days were coming in for him from Falmouth. Don't forget Carter has yet to speak to Falmouth.

It would appear that Maskell has gone to Torpoint I can't see why Saltash players should be worried about the clubs budget, it isn't that big anyway I think they are more worried about thier places in the team.

It would be a shame if Torpoint lost both players because they cannot compete at all on the playing budget. The plot thickens

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I bet Ian Stephens is a happy chappy right now!!

Maybe a interview with Dave Deacon will bring out a passionate rant on saturday!!

Can never understand why someone playing well, at a club doing well, would want to move.......unless theres a big cash lump chucked in somewhere!!

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