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Oh How exciting for the rest of us!

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Radio Cornwall & TCFC

TCFC supporters all over the Country will be delighted by the news that Radio Cornwall have announced that they will now be covering Truro City home and away for the remainder of the season as City attempt to become the first ever Cornish participants in the Southern League.

The coverage will include all league and FA Vase games and will also be broadcast via the Internet for those fans outside Cornwall (excluding FA Vase games which will only be broadcast to those in the UK).

Ross Ellis will be bringing listeners full match commentary of City's trip to Hallen this weekend as the season begins to reach its climax with City being pushed all the way for the title by the likes of Corsham & Dawlish. So be sure to tune into Radio Cornwall Sport from 2pm this, and every, Saturday on 103.9 & 95.2 FM and DAB Digital radio.

The above has come off the Truro City Website.


Who wants to listen to their home games. Anyone who is interested will be at the matches. The rest of us want to listen to top of the table SWPL Div 1 West matches or a commentary from the top of the ECPL or Combo.

That's me switching off the Radio until 5:30pm on a Saturday


Us real football supporters are getting fed up with football/sports coverage on Radio Cornwall

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I thought the same thing!!!

Be nice if the station covered football from the lower levels to the top levels of the county.

WHo's giong to tune into Truro stuffing someone 7 nil or something. Granted, for the Vase ties and Cup ties then yeah, ok, but anything else is a waste of time and effort really.

They should do like what they used to do on Soccer AM, Steve And Jonty's Sunday morning football, and commentate on a lower league game.

Would be great to have commentary on a Combo game or something

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Not even commentaries but updates on matches.

For Example

Helston are playing Ludgvan and Penzance are playing Perranwell in the Combo this week. Top verses bottom clashes.

Only 1 Western League team in Cornwall, but there are 16 SWPL Div West teams, 20 Combo teams, loads in the ECPL, Duchy, etc. Surely Radio Cornwall could find matches that effect top and bottom places.

What is more exciting to the listener.

Truro's stroll to the Western League title or finding out if Helston are overtaken by Perranwell in the race to catch up to Truro Reserves in the Combo. Or even the dog fight at the bottom between Mullion, Pz, Wendron and Ludgvan.

Your priorities are wrong Radio Cornwall, local radio for locals not jetsetters from Treyew Road.

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How terribly sad is this - I bet Dave Deacon is pulling his hair out - I used to text scores and events from all our combo games in to Dave religiously every week as we are asked to do until the week in December that I was not at the game and I bothered to listen in from the car park outside Derriford Hospital where my son was after surgery to catch the results of the combo game I had missed - to just hear that whatever game it was Truro was playing in had gone to extra time, repeated information about the goals and events of that game and no scores or details of combo games at all. I had even arranged as requested that Martyn would be available to be interviewed but it just didn't happen because the Truro game was considered to be so much more important - PLEASE IT IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course let Truro have their slot but remember the other teams that are so important to Cornish Football - I don't text results and goals etc in to Radio Cornwall anymore - my efforts weren't being listened to - sadly others who used to bother won't either - I don't just want to hear about Truro I want a cross section of everything that goes on it Cornish Soccer and I am sure Dave Deacon would want the same!

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Guest Peppermint

Firstly this posting is certainly not anti Truro City because they should have good coverage of their games.

This latest edict is very sad for Cornish Football and after all the name of the station is Radio CORNWALL and as such they should have a duty to report on all Cornish football. It is supposed to be a public service funded by the public so it should not be left to the whims of one person or a few from the station to make these decisions.

This is very sad and the breathtaking arrogance of it all is beyond comprehension - hopefully in the long run common sense will prevail but I am not too hopeful.

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One point I'd like answered from someone from either the BBC or Truro City.

What about any evening games?

At present BBC Radio Cornwall goes regional after 6 or 7pm. What will happen to midweek games. If they can broadcast them as they promise "Every game home and away", surely they could broadcast from other clubs/matches when Truro haven't a game.

Answer that one Daphne Skinnard

Dapne Skinnard is in charge of scheduling sport not Emma. Nag to Daphne.

Heres another. Make Truro play on a Sunday opposite the Pirates. One week a commentary from Camborne and the next from Treyew Road. Leave Saturdays for the rest of us.

What's going to happen if Truro Reserves get into the SWPL Div 1 West and do well. Are we going to have Truro 1sts in the Southern League and Truro 2nds all over the radio.

Daphne roughly 501,267 (2001 census) people in Cornwall, some 20,920 in Truro. Are You being fair to the rest of us.

39,979 people in Camborne Parish, 22,658 in St Austell, 21,168 in Penzance, 20,775 in Falmouth 19,562 in Newquay, 14,694 in Saltash, 12,778 in Bodmin, 12,352 in Redruth, 9,780 in Helston, 8,478 in Liskeard, 8,457 in Torpoint, 8317 in Hayle, 7257 in St Agnes, 7135 in Launceston, 6,351 in Wadebridge, and even 1384 in ST ERTH seem to be losing out.

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Guest postman pat

surely the only way to vote is do not listen to radio cornwall.i for one text our result to dave after every match but have never listened to radio cornwall.whats the point if they do not give a service that i want.i only text my result to support dave. :c: :(

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Thank you for your e-mail.

I understand that you are bitterly disappointed with the lack of local football

coverage on the network and that you also believe that Truro City is now

receiving more coverage than any other team.

I would like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience

log. This is the internal report of audience feedback

which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives

within the BBC, and also their senior management.

It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated

and considered across the BBC.

Thank you once again for contacting us.


Richard Carey

BBC Complaints

__________________________________________THIS IS VERY RE-ASSURING ISN'T IT?

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I took the opportunity to listen in and out of Atlantic the Saturday before last and I heard two football reports in between loads and loads of music.

Add to that the adverts and there seemed no pattern as to when we were going to get the next report.

I guess they have a commitment to music and adverts, which is why the word Sport doesn't appear prominently or possibly anywhere on their website

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Guest Peppermint

The fact of the matter is that Atlantic FM and Pirate FM have to carry lots of advertising to survive unlike Radio Cornwall who are funded by us the licence paying public. Surely in that case Rdio Cornwall has a duty to provide what the public want and not pander to the whims of one person.

This is not an anti Truro City posting I might add but there are loads of football clubs in the County and City are just one and we expect City to have more coverage than most because of their position but other clubs should expect a fair share.

The BBC Radio Cornwall should take note of some of these postings and not think they can ride roughshod over the listeners of Cornwall. I appreciate that it is not easy for Dave Deacon to make some comments as he has to work in the present environment.

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Guest Man on the Post

What annoys me is Radio Cornwall's reluctance to engage with us, the licence payers, on this matter. Why cannot Deacs record an interview with Emma Vardy in which he asks her to respond to the criticisms of the station's football coverage? :angry2:

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Why dont team Managers or Coaches give Dave a ring at Radio Cornwall to try to put a match report out on the air on a Saturday after the game,i am sure Dave said only one person rang in yesterday, from the Portreath/St Keverne game. ;0/ :c:

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