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Here's the latest table after Ludvan's Feast match against Culdrose.

Last week 9 out of 11 games were played. The other 2 we will predict on later in the season.

Most people did well with 3 getting 9 from 9. Well done to Soccer Follower once again, and to Gillsy and Helston 14 for their full house. The rest of us apart from a couple also did well this week as most games were fairly predictable.

Bushy has now entered the main league table as he has now predicted at least 20 games. The others at the bottom need to have another go next week to get to 20.

League movement is worked out before I placed Bushy

Red you're hot and up places.

Blue you're cold and down places.

Black you stay where you are.

1.Gunners 77.1% (27/35) 7/8

2.Whitney 75.4% (43/57) 7/9

3.Bushy 68.2% (15/22) 7/9

4.Soccer Follower 67.8% (154/227) 9/9

5.Phats 67.3% (72/107) 8/9

6.Local Boy 64.5% (147/228) 7/9

7.Barbs 64.1% (141/220) 7/9

8.Eddie Junior 63.4% (142/224) 8/9

9.Gillsy 62.3% (142/228) 9/9

10.Postie Pidge 62.1% (105/169) 6/9

11.Stroz 60.9% (78/128) 8/9

12.Anita 59.6% (136/228) 7/9

13.Helston Patriot 59.6% (84/141)

14.Helston 14 59.4% (111/187) 9/9

15.Ronin 59.3% (134/226) 8/9

16.Eyebrowz 33 58.7% (84/143) 6/9

17.Shoot The Messenger 57.8% (76/132)

18.Weeman 57.1% (60/105) 5/9

19.St Days No1 57.0% (118/207) 7/9

20.Winkle Picker 55.4% (37/65)

21.Lil Miss Cornwall 53.3% (114/214) 6/9

22.Cornishteddyboy 52.6% (120/228) 5/9

23.Doomer 17 52.2% (35/67)

24.Joe Dirt 38.4% (73/190) 3/9

Haven't predicted enough/active enough to be placed in league yet.

Winno 64.7% (11/17)

Stroker 61.5% (8/13)

tom@white tigers 62.5% (5/8)

messi 57.1% (4/7)

tmsno9 73.3% (11/15) 5/8

Rabinowitz the Red 44.4% (4/9) 4/9

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If you score 1 next week and Anita 0 you will be equal but Anita will be above you as she's predicted on more games.

If you score 2 next week and Anita 1 or less you will go ahead.

If you score 3 next week and Anita 2 or less you will go ahead.

If you score 4 next week and Anita 3 or less you will go ahead.

If you score 5 next week and Anita 4 or less you will go ahead.

If you score 6 next week and Anita 5 or less you will go ahead.

If you score 7 next week and Anita 6 or less you will go ahead.

If you have equal scores or she scores more than you, you will still be playing catch-up.

The above depends on the full league program being played on Saturday.

So the moral is don't copy Anita and be honest as far as Perranporth matches are concerned!!!

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Teds you're a star. Now I know what I'm aiming for I can begin to formulate my plan (mwah, ha, ha). As for going against my boys - NO WAY! I'm backing them all the way from now on :thumbsup:

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