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Interesting little pre season friendly over at Lux Park. Even got a first half downpour to zip up the playing surface.

Attendance: 58 (dodgy head count),

Admission: 2 quid (I received entrance hut mumblings about referee costs, imagine getting an apology at a Premier League game).

Since Argyle keep getting beat in friendlies there appears to be a school of thought these games are pointless kickabouts & nothing but jogging sessions. Possibly some truth in that but we are all so starved of proper football it's little surprise we still turn up to watch it.

Perhaps the main curiosity attached to this game was how Liskeard would get on without James Lorenz. To add more drama to the script apparently the home sides co-striker Ben Waters has recently been seen knocking in pre season goals at St Austell? My apology if I'm not accurate with the facts about Ben, I missed quite a bit of local football last season (including the gossip).

Onto the game itself, Liskeard coped very well in the first half knocking the ball about accurately and looking exceptionally dangerous on the counter attack.

Torpoint supporters were already grumbling about being plonked in the Eastern Division for the coming season so a 2-0 deficit did little to cheer them up at half time. Their suffering didn't last long as they immediately got one back after the break. Soon afterwards we were all square again at 2-2.

The game got a bit scruffy and disjointed towards the last half hour as team changes affected continuity, both sides looked satisfied with a draw.

So, will Liskeard cope with some of the big gun clubs being touted for success this season? Whilst wishing James Lorenz the very best of luck at Truro the Liskeard club will definitely miss him. If Ben Waters has gone too that deepens the blow even more. However, this Liskeard squad seems to have a vibrant spirit and a positive culture with an emphasis on youth, they always try to play attractive football and I feel they will definitely compliment the new league set up for the SWPL.

I wish both clubs well for their respective campaigns.

Nice to see a game again but the real stuff is still a few weeks away.

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Good signs for Liskeard then after losing both there front men .looks like they have added a couple . R Knight he’s the one from millbrook seen him a couple of times couldn’t get in the millbrook side so is definitely a down grade , but he actually looked sharpe movement was good but won’t get as many goals as Lorenz and Walters . Seen that Sam Rogers was on the bench was surprised at that. He’s a handful . That savigar good player . number 10 tho might cause some unrest as golden boy Jarrod woods might chuck his toys out the pram . And still don’t get how that m Thorpe plays he’s so erratic and always give the ball away . Did hear his dad is the sponsor so ....... 

And All the rumours are that Torpoint think there going to win or at least challenge for that east league and if the game was anything to go by the won’t be anywhere near . They didn’t look much week and slow at the back and steady in midfield no one stood out . Torpoints front man looked decent don’t no his name . Tall lad .  Liskeard where bright and Played  some good stuff at times but think they will lack the killer instinct. Just above Mid table be a good finish for them . 

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2 hours ago, Way Of The Park said:

How do registrations work in friendlies? Plenty of teams are fielding trialists (many not naming them on timesheets or reports) just wondering where clubs do stand for having a player signed on for somebody else turning out.

There aren't any registration rules for friendlies, as it's not regulated by any official body.

No idea where a club would stand in terms of insurance etc though?  

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1 hour ago, Toroloco13 said:

If a player is signed on for one club then they can't play for another club, friendly or not! They are aren't covered under any insurance and it is classed as an illegal approach! 

Depends on what the game is classed as. If it is classed as a trial game, no illegal approach rules apply 

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1 hour ago, NTforever said:

Depends on what the game is classed as. If it is classed as a trial game, no illegal approach rules apply 

I see what you are saying but unfortunately the league disagrees with you. Had clarification that the 7 day rule of approach should still apply and clubs can still be fined!  But a lot of the time clubs expect it to happen so just let it slide. 

Think what is more important is that the players are not covered by any insurance. Have known players to break legs in friendlies and although the standard insurance doesn't pay out much, it is still better than nothing for those that are self-employed! 

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