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Helston Plan For The Future

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For those who dont read the papers:

The dawning of a new sporting era has arrived in Helston and exciting times are ahead, the ecstatic chairman of the town's football club has told the Packet.

Barry Dunstan, chairman of Helston Football Club, vowed to create a community-led club run according to the wishes of its members, following agreements being reached with Helston developer David Martin.

Mr Martin has offered the club land on which they now plan to create another full-sized adult pitch, junior pitches and training facilities.

An agreement has been reached over the terms of a lease, which is now expected to be signed by the trustees of the club "imminently."

Delighted club chairman Mr Dunstan told the Packet yesterday: "It's something that I've been in talks with him about for a long period. He always promised that land would hopefully become available. He's kept to his word, which we're over the moon about. I can't thank him enough. Without his kindness we wouldn't be in this position and we're obviously tremendously grateful for that opportunity."

Mr Dunstan said that he wanted the club to develop its standing in the community even further, as well as strengthen its links with schools in Helston and across the Lizard Peninsula.

The extra pitches will allow the club to become the focus for football in the Helston area and in particular the current youth teams will be able to train at the club base, rather than having to use the facilities of town's schools.

"They've relied very much on the schools, which we thank for their help. But to be able to be based all in one area will be fantastic," he added.

But he warned "this is where the hard work starts," adding that club members and the community needed to pull together and utilise their skills.

"It is a wonderful opportunity for the club, if people are prepared to work hard for it and for the community, to support it.

"If that all comes together with the right attitude then the future for the club is very positive and it's an excellent opportunity for the club and its youngsters - both boys and girls.

"What I want is for the club to be run by its members. They will make the future. It's up to them to grasp that future now," concluded Mr Dunstan.

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