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Duchy League AGM

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The Duchy League AGM will be held at St Dennis FC on Monday June 24th (8.00pm) - management committee to meet first at 7.30pm.

Unlike previous seasons, ALL the documents for this agm have been sent out via email.
All club secretaries should by now have received the agenda, last season's agm minutes, verified accounts and final league tables.
The clubs will need to print off these documents to bring to the agm.
Any club secretary having NOT received these documents should contact the secretary, Derek Walker,  - duchyleague@outlook.com
As it is our first season trying this system, it would be useful if all secretaries would email Derek to confirm that they have received these documents and that they will or will not be attending.
All clubs continuing in membership must be at the agm or will be fined as per Rule 8H (£50)





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