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35 minutes ago, Guest B P said:

When will teams know the trelawny league structure for 2019/2020? Is the lowest division now to be div 3? 

At the AGM in a few weeks time.

I've created a number of drafts of how the League could look next season and sent these to a few of the guys on the Committee. One of those drafts did include a League with five divisions - however you don't need to be Carol Vorderman to work out we don't have enough teams to make five divisions viable, so it is likely our lowest Division next season will be Division Three.

With the news that more teams have applied for the Combination League vacancies, it leaves us with less clubs again.

As soon as the Combo declares it's League structure following their AGM, we will know what teams we have and have an accurate list of potential League structures. Those will be spoken about and a decision made at the Trelawny League AGM 

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