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Penzance (u18) vs Millbrook(u18)--this sunday

Guest keano

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Anyone seen penzance play ?? thats the thing with this cup its very hard knowing what to expect from other teams. Anyway one thing im sure of is that it will be a good game if you can get to game it would be worth it.

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just had word that this game could be called off because penzance can not raise a team, what possible reason could there be for this ???? also heard they want to move game back to next week which millbrook have refused and will claim the game.

so millbrook could be in semi final without kicking a ball !!!

rather play the game though i feel its a sad day for the compitition as a whole when a team can go all the way to semis withouth kicking a ball.

hopefully penzance can sort something out because i know millbrook would much rather get to the semis by playing football and not because of a walk over

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i went to see this game and ws not impressed the pitch was bobbly and the game was bogged in midfield however the millbrook gaffa must have made a great half time speech as millbrook came out all guns blazing and pumped 3 into the back of the net by the end of the game, no.7 was introduced half way through and definately helped millbrooks cause

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