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Senior cup .... or no...

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With all the shenanigans going on in wondering whether anyone can confirm whether combo and ecpl sides will actually remain in the Senior cup this season??? Has there been 100% confirmation from the CCFA regarding this?? Does the establishment of the formal Step Football/ recreational football  divide below the St Pirans now mean that those clubs below st Pirans will be in the Junior Cup?????.

Just interested in actual facts here...not speculation!!!!

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The plan was to reduce the St Piran + Combo + ECPL teams to 10 (in 2 rounds) to add to the 22 SWPL teams making 32 for Round 3.

St Piran has 19 first teams leaving 21 places available for the plan to work. (11 from ECPL? reading another post). No info from Combo as yet.

If more than 21 then a rethink/rework will be required by CCFA.

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