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Truro should never of left them go Lee Hodges good manager and Chris Todd a good centre half could be a good season for St Austell just cant see how they can replace a player of Liam EDDY,S calibre  top scorer every year  Lee hodges will havehis work cut out to replace the 4 players that hav been mentioned who are leaving the club i reckon James Lorenz could be the answer to replace Eddy .Looking forward to seeing them in pre season

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Not sure what to make of this appointment.

A very high profile appointment considering the money has apparently been cut for next season or is that not the case and they have been promised the same budget as when Mr Lafferty was there??

Positives are that players will undoubtedly get first class coaching but if I were a player at this level knowing that the management were being paid significantly more than me, would I be happy with that????

Also, have Hodges and Todd committed or signed a contract because you can bet that if a bigger club with a bigger budget come in, St Austell will be left high and dry as that’s how it works nowadays.

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