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Given that it had always been emphasised in the past that clubs rather than teams were members if the LCP Drinks Cornwall Combination Football League, it should follow that reserve (or third) teams of existing members automatically qualify for membership next season, unless those clubs withdraw ? Given that Rule 14 indicates the withdrawal date as 31 March, will all clubs decamping to the St Piran League without including a team in the LCPDCCL be fined ? Or will common sense excuse them from such a punitive measure, given the timing of league restructurings superimposed by the FA ? John Mead ? Anybody know ?

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There will be no fines for the scenario you highlight Rod. Since the formal introduction of promotion/relegation with both the SWPL and Trelawny Leagues, it's Teams, not Clubs, which are members of the Leagues. St Just Reserves could still apply for membership though!

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