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Who will be the first SWPL(P) Champions?

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As it stands

1 Dartmouth............ P22/45pts(dropped 21) 5H;7A remaining

2 Saltash United....... P19/41pts(dropped 16) 7H;8A

3 Falmouth Town...... P19/40pts(dropped 17) 7H;8A

4 Plymouth Parkway. P19/38pts(dropped 19) 10H;5A

5 Bodmin Town........ P17/34pts (dropped17) 10H;7A

Dartmouth have to play all four(BT,FT,PP,SU) contenders Away

Saltash have Home v D,PP,FT. and Away v BT.FT

Falmouth have Home v D,SU. and Away v PP.SU

Plymouth P. have Home v D,FT,SU and Away vSU

Bodmin only have home v D,SU.

Bodmin have the easier run in but are behind with their fixtures and are still involved in 3 Cup competitions.

Falmouth only involved in the CSC are Home and Away to the in form team Saltash on the last two Saturdays of the season.

Saltash involved in all 3 Cup comps. have to play 5 top of the table clashes.

Plymouth Parkway have only 5 Away games to play.

Its a close run title for sure.

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Philpys Barmy army for a end of season surge up the table??

Must admit.....Bodmin look a good bet, although theyve had it (in the bag) a few times and blown it in the final run in!!!

I thought the same about Bodmin Paul and yesterday just confirmed that. Falmouth or Saltash for me.

Although all at St Blazey are having to take a back seat this season, its nice that we have had a say in the title race by taking points off all the contenders (apart from Bodmin) this season!

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Well, over the past two Saturdays in my radio half-hour slot, I've put three current managers of SWPL Premier clubs on the spot by asking them who they think might win it (other than their own clubs of course).

And when you realise how many league titles they have won between them, they know more than most what it takes.

Ian Stephens (Torpoint Athletic) : Bodmin Town or Falmouth Town

Dave Philp (St Blazey): Saltash United

Paul Smith (Launceston) : Bodmin Town or Saltash United


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Guest crosser

Well having played Saltash yesterday I think they will win it ,by far the best team we have played this season. Really strong and fit.

but the referee didn't help matters thought we got involved in two many individual battles

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