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Bit 1 sided too many Bodmin players was going to take this match in but not with all the Bodmin players in , Jack Bray EVANS should of been in there and Godolphins PhiL Lowry should of been in the future may take a game in but not when there is so many Bodmin players playing the only Bodmin player i would pick would be Jake Ash hes still a class player .Hope a match will be played here in NEWQUAY in the future be good  to have it in the summer when all the Emmets are down on there holidays

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I'm guessing cos the co-manager has links with Bodmin it's just easier to get them on board. Until Kernow has some more official games under its belt I think players from other clubs will probably see it with a level of scepticism but the more games get played, the more players will start taking an interest. It's just a shame they pulled out of the AHC, cos that's damaged relations with the Yorks and Jersey teams who were both pretty peeved with Kernow and Ellan Vannin for pulling out of the tournament with 2 weeks to go. The only team that was available in their stead was the Chagos Islands (Surrey wanted to take part but couldn't assemble a team in time at such short notice).

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11 minutes ago, Fanfare said:


Good 5-0 win for Kernow. Great saves at the end from the Barawa keeper. 

Hope the person who was taken ill in the stand is ok.

Didn't watch the highlights, just read the report on Falmouth Packet. Wouldn't happen to know if any other subs were made apart from Eddy and H. Turner? I've done my best to keep this up to date, it's still a draft as it's awaiting approval from Wikipedia mods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Kernow_football_team

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