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Statement from Mousehole AFC:

Dave Deacon

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Received from Mousehole requesting posting on forum ........ 

Subject - Proposed merger between Penzance and Mousehole Football Clubs

We are happy to announce that Deryk Heywood, our General Manager, has been appointed as the new Chairman of Penzance AFC.  This means that Deryk will step down from his current role at Mousehole AFC, as we look to support Penzance AFC at this time.  Deryk’s focus will be to fulfil the mandate given to him by Penzance to plan the steps towards a merger between the two clubs.  The purpose of the proposed merger is to secure and promote sustainable long-term success, and create a superb sports club for the wider community.  Deryk’s immediate priority has been to create a new "interim“ committee to deal with the necessary practicalities, while also running and moving the club forward.  More information will be announced in due course.

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