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THREE Duchy teams have applied to join the ECPL


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What's the situation this season with the number of teams ECLP?

By that I mean, is the league going to the CCFA to ask for an increase in the two divisions. Or is it a case of one club being relegated to be replaced by one of the three applying (facilities accepted of course).

Which moves me to ask - where do St Stephens Borough play? For some reason I thought it was on the pitch at the back of Kimberley Stadium, is that pitch up to Senior League requirements? Or am I thinking of another club?

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St Stephens Borough do play at Warfelton which will never be acceptable to the ECPL. They will have to move. Rumour has it that they may try to play at Tideford.

As far as promotion and relegation is concerned. There are three things to bear in mind. The CCFA and ECPL have still to agree a change of constitution to allow a maximum of 32 teams from the 28 teams they already have. If the CCFA agree then all three could be accepted and possibly nobody relegated. As it stands the bottom ECPL team would go down to be rpelaced by the top Duchy League side. St Stephens Borough is that team, if not then St Dominick or Edgcumbe. The other thing is that a team can move directly across from other leagues. ie North Devon League and Plymouth & Dsitrict league come to mind.

There is also the problem if a team/s from the SWPL wishes to drop down to join the ECPL.

This has got a long way to run yet.

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