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Just seen a story on the Tony Kempster site where a club is being fined £50 per week by the Hellenic League for not having a qualified Physiotherapist

Eton Wick FC, bottom of the Hellenic League Div 1 (Level 6) have been pressured by the FA to supply a physio to to FA Level 2 standard for treatment and management of injuries.

The Eton Wick club have advertised for a qualified person at £40 for Home games and £50 Away.

How does this compare to our own SWPL(P) which is also level 6 in the Pyrimid ?.

Also on the Tony Kempster message board in the General section there is a topic (5 th.from top) titled TRURO which has had about 4500 views and 23 replies showing an out of Cornwall viewpoint of the City club.

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It'a all well and good the FA pressurising clubs to supply a physio but many clubs probably can't afford it o top of paying refs and linos. Perranporth Combo team have a physio qualified to FA Level 3 in the treatment and management of sporting injuries and an ex-member of the ambulance sevice. Both provide their services voluntarily and the club consider themselves lucky to have them but how many other clubs can consider themselves as lucky?

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Truro College run the FA Treatment and Management of Injury course every year at Level 2 and Level 3 at a cost of around £80. It lasts for around 10 weeks with one 3 hour session a week.

Course tutor John Horner is a top bloke and extremely friendly. Having done the Level 3 course myself I can say its a great qualification and extremely helpful.

If a club can send a willing participant on it they will learn so much that can help treat and rehabilitate their players to great success. Not just on match day to the 1st team but to all other players associated wth the club.

Logic suggests the quicker a player recovers from injury the quicker they can represent their club again which has to be a good thing.

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Cheers Ronin. John Horner is a great bloke. He was also my sports degree tutor for injury rehabilitation.

Couldn't ask for a better teacher and he is so helpful in class.

It may seem a pain for clubs to get a person physio qualified but you only have to do it once. And the one off fee is very very litle compared to what clubs pay players per game or indeed over a season.

Its an investment in players welfare as much as anything.

Im sure more details on the course can be got by phoning Truro College and the classes are of an evening so it doesnt clash with work.

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