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Dave Deacon

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Sad news last night hearing that Johnny Webster has passed away.

Theres many a tribute on Facebook on the “Cornwall’s Football Memories” but here’s the opportunity for others to add their thoughts.

A tough player, but a true gent and great laugh off it.

RIP Johnny and condolences to all of his family and close friends.

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John had the biggest heart in football, when he shouted for a ball everyone moved out of the way,  I was priveliged  to play alongside him for a few years. I think a few defenders still have nightmares now about John and Kevin Drew up front together ,  Could of easily played a lot higher standard but remained at his village club.  A true Clubman, Condolences to all the family, Rip John 

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Echo the above from the gents. Was a skinny 13 year left winger when I first got tackled by Johnny. Thought I’d been hit by a train!! A few of the Malabar lads tried looking after me but Johnny said “if he’s playing men’s foootball he gets a men’s tackle!!!” Fair comment really!! Must admit no tackle felt quite as bad after playing in that game!! Carharrack have lost a couple of great men in the last few months. RIP Johnny

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What a true football legend Johnny Webster was!!

Absolutely gutted last night when I heard the news, the stories that was told about John, whilst I was coming into men's football was unbelievable and had you on the edge of your seat as you was totally hypnotized by the person telling them. 

Was lucky enough to be taken over to ROBARTES FC by @gaffer when I was 16/17 and John was still playing, and helping Darren on the Touchline.

Always had his unique way of getting you fired up for a game, and would always let you know when he thought you was playing bad or good.

Heart of a 100 lions, and not the tallest of men, he put fear into anyone in a aerial battle with his famous "WEBSTERS BALL" Roar. 

This ... Gent / Legend / Clubman / Footballing Menace, and just someone who was always looked up to, will be sadly Missed. 

RIP JOHN WEBSTER - I will never forget you!! 



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I would like to echo everything said above, about a true legend of local football. 

John was a giant of a man, never giving an inch, whilst on the pitch. But, off the pitch he was a real gent. 

I encountered John in a couple of matches, when I was just starting out in men's football and certainly think I'm stronger for the experience. 

I saw him only 6 weeks ago, he stopped for a chat and was in good spirits. Oh how quickly things can change 😔 


RIP Johnny 


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