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West Cornwall FC - New year, fresh start

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West Cornwall FC are looking for new players going into the second half of the season.

We are on the look out for players to come into either of our sides. With the 1st team in the Combination League, and Reserves playing in Trelawny Division 2.

If there is anyone out there not playing anywhere this season, or simply not getting enough minutes or game time at their current club then please do get in touch.


Two years ago, under pressure from several players, we took the step up from Trelawny Prem to Combo in order to provide a platform for our players to play senior football.

Unfortunately, over the last 12 months we have lost what formed a large element of our first team squad. Frustratingly, many of these players were the same ones that were pushing for us to take promotion the year before.


We still have a core of committed players, including many talented youngsters now playing their first season in adult football. What we require is some experience to help blood them in at this level, whilst hopefully making the side more competitive.


What we are looking for is commitment, from players who want to be there week in/out, and who are happy joining in what will be a slight rebuilding/transitional period for the team.


As a side note, we are also on the lookout for anyone wanting to come in and join the management team. The side is currently managed by Dan Inch, with Toby Ellis coming in as an assistant whilst recovering from injury. We feel as a club that the addition and support of 1-2 extra assistants/coaches would help move the team forward, it is a hard task, at this level to have just 1-2 people involved in the running of the side.

Anyone interested should get in touch with the club via our Facebook page or by contacting Dan Inch:


Dan Inch - 07936 098397

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