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putting an end to a rumour

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I heard tonight at the 6-a-side league that the reason alot of sides around Newquay are weakened is because we have signed on 53 players this season.

Premier Sixes FC was set up as most of the guys that play in our league don't actually play for anyone on a Saturday.

We have so far signed up 34 players this season and I list them all below with the club they played for last season if they did and whether they or not they play for us regularly or not.

1-Dan Code - no club - Regular player

2-James Ringrose - Newquay Town FC - Regular player

3-Robbie Mclure - St Columb Major - Semi Regular player

4-Nathan Prentice - no club - Regular player

5-Dan Jones-noclub-Regular player

6-Steve Sparkes-no club-Semi Regular player

7-Paul Keech-no club and has never played for anyone-never played

8-Darren Barnes-Colan Sunday league-played 3 times

9-Dan Parsonage-Godolphin 2nd team-Regular player - now in Bali for 2 months

10-Steve Hacket-St Columb Minor-not played as out all season with knee injury

11-Martyn Probert-no club-Regular player

12-Pete Downton-Newquay Town FC-Played 1 game before moving up north

13-Oleg Sorokin-no club-Regular player

14-Leon Carter-no club-played twice-now left team

15-Tony ****-no club-Regular player

16-Tom Cousins-no club-hasn't played all season due to injury and work

17-Sam Leamy-St Columb Minor-Regular player before he left for USA

18-Jamie Caple-no club-Regular Player before he also left for USA

19-Nick Merrikin-St Columb Minor-Regular Player before he left for Bristol

20-Tom Currah-Holywell Cubert-Regular player

21-Neil Currah-no club-Regular player

22-Steve Marsh-St Columb Major-Regular player

23-Adam Pearson-no club- Now playing for Newquay Combo

24-Tony Keast-no club-never played for us as he has never been able to break into the team

25-Davey Panter-no club-Left club after 3 games due to work

26-Josh Harris-no club-Regular player

27-Tom Longworth-no club-Left club after 4 games due to earache from missus

28-Richard Fevatta-no club-Left club after 1 game due to lack of commitmant

29-Paul Hughes-no club-started season then got injured

30-Ryan Smith-no club-left club having never played for us

31-Ryan Curtis-Newquay Town FC-Left club to go back to university

32-Ben Lawrence-no club-Regular player

33-Tom Berry-no club-Regular player

34-Karl Weston-no club-just signed this week

and number 35 is on the horizon with the signing of Swedish midfielder Karl Urlander, once agin he has not played for any sides in the last ferw seasons

I would like to therefore conclude by showing that most of the P6FC side is made up players who haven't played 11-a-side for years if at all, and those few that have either play for us still, have left or are injured.

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As a former St. Austell player, in Duchy 5 (now at Grampound) i feel you guys at P6 have been a breath of fresh air.

Youve played football in the right way, and also, if players want to play for you instead of else where, then thats life. But as it happens, that isnt the case.

Was looking forward to playing you guys last weekend.

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