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I have been watching a program that Ian Wright is talking about black footballers ,i met some of the ones in the program and they where really nice i met Viv ANDERSON at Plymouth ,Cyrille Regis at Plymouth and John Barnes at Torquay and they where great Viv Anderson was lovely it was a wet night at Home Park and Brian CLOUGH ,saw youngsters standing in the rain waiting to get autographs and Cloughie invited the youngsters to come in and meet the payers and get there autographs and Viv Anderson ,stood in the rain for over a hour signing autographs and in the match Plymouth hammered them 5-1 i think it was  thats when Argyle had a brilliant team not like the shite they got now .I use to go every week to watch Argyle play and even watched the Combination league saw Clive Allen score 6 goals for Crystal Palace vs Argyle on a wed afternoon and the game was called off due to fog coming in . the most racist incident i have ever seen happened when Stockport came and played at Home Park they had a giant of a player 6 ft 6 Kevin Francis ,he destroyed Argyle on his own scoring a hat trick and as he was going off with the match ball a man ran down from behind me i always stood by the players tunnel, this man spat right in Kevin Francis face and the stewards done nothing but they stopped me taking photos i had 1 of the incident but i had my film taken out of my camera ,i wrote to Francis apologising for that fans action and he replied to me i still have his letter saying he was use to it .  I use to love going to watch Argyle but i stopped going when they resigned a certain player and i wasnt going to pay to get in and help to pay his wages when the club knew what he had done . I get my enjoyment now by watching Newquay and Godolphin and i really love it meeting lovely people from other teams and some even make a fuss of my pain in the ass Smokie dog .

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The coloured/black players and indeed ordinary black folk in the street, have had a rough time of it over the years. Credit to them, mostly the older citizens perhaps, for showing such tolerance and dignity. 

Generally it has been the younger generations who have rebelled against such blatant racism, as you have spoken of 100% Cornish. But even then it has not been to any great degree, apart from the riots in Bristol, Liverpool and London. Racism is rightly a criminal offence and should always be treated harshly by the authorities. Currently right wing fascism is raising it's head again, especially in Europe and it too must be dealt with stringently by the worlds governments. 

Perhaps we should get back to football again now, before we get moans about abuse of the forum. Although, racial intolerance in football must be stamped out by the FA and the police - so perhaps it is compatible with the spirit of the forum ?

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I'm afraid it is human nature at its worst again.

Although going into a pub in West Ham many years ago I was stopped at the door by two big black fellas, and was told I could not go in as it was a black man's pub.

I went robustly in, the place went eerily silent, got served!! and had a very nice few hours playing euchre with my mates...with no problems. 

Didn't go much on 4 hours of reggae music though.

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