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How Much Longer Will Truro First Team Play In The Senior Cup?

Guest Hayle Caesar

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Guest Sullivan

I was reading the write up on the Senior Cup game Truro v Porthleven and was wondering if/when Truro get promoted (again) will the first team still play in the Senior Cup or will the second team be entered (who will be SWPL West 08/09). Obviously the first team is getting stronger and stronger and the Senior Cup to them would probably become like the Carling Cup to Arsenal. This would then open up the competiton to more then just one team again.

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As there are no other professional clubs in Cornwall ,Truro City will be forced into playing in the Cornwall Senior Cup by the CCFA.

Wether they play their first,seconds or even youth team is another matter but as I understand every affilliated club in England has to appear in their respective County KO competition.

All the County F A's have a major say in the structure of the Football Association and could in effect suspend clubs even the likes of Manchester United or Chelsea if they didn't make some representation to their respective County Cup competition.

Thats what I think-correct me if I am wrong.

Plymouth Argyle for example compete in the Devon St.Lukes Bowl

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What Mike Rogers said is I think correct. The Devon Cups are as follows. St Lukes Bowl, Premier, Senior and intermediate.

I took this from the Devon FA site.

I took this info from the Devon FA website.

The first thing is that Devon has four major cup competitions

St Lukes Bowl

Devon Premier Cup

Devon Senior Cup

Devon Intermediate Cup

Secondly there is no Senior/Junior competitions as in Cornwall in fact I don’t think (and I stand to be corrected) that there is any Junior cup competitions in the country.

The St Lukes Bowl is for Professional clubs such as:

Plymouth Argyle, Torquay United and Exeter City

Semi pro clubs such as Southern League side Tiverton Town.

Western League sides: Dawlish Town, Elmore, Ilfracombe Town, Clyst Rovers, Willand Rovers, Barnstaple Town and Bideford.

South West Peninsula clubs: Ivybridge Town, Witheridge, Elburton Villa, Tavistock, Buckland Athletic, Dartmouth, Cullompton Rangers, Plymouth Parkway, Holsworthy and Newton Abbot Spurs.

Here is the results and draw of the St Lukes Bowl:

First Round

Ivybridge Town 1 Elmore 3

Ilfracombe Town 2 Witheridge 1

Clyst Rovers 3 Elburton Villa 0

Tavistock 0 Willand Rovers 3

Bideford 2 Buckland Athletic 0

Second Round

Dawlish Town 2 Dartmouth 0

Cullompton Rangers 0 Willand Rovers 3

Plymouth Parkway v Barnstaple Town

Ilfracombe Town v Tiverton Town

Bideford v Exeter City

Clyst Rovers v Torquay United

Holsworthy v Newton Abbot Spurs

Elmore v Plymouth Argyle

The Devon Premier Cup is everyone else above a certain level. I think it is SWPL Division One East and West (Vospers OV). And the top division in the Plymouth and District Combination, North Devon, Devon & Exeter, South Devon league (I have most probably missed one). These leagues could have the reserve teams from any of the above such as Plymouth Parkway Reserves.

I am not sure what level the Senior and Intermediate cups come in at. So there is no Junior Cup.

Truro City will become a fully professional side next season but as they are the only one then they must enter the Cornwall Senior Cup.

If the CCFA were to think about it, they could start a new Cup competition and remove the Junior Cup.

Truro plus all the top teams in the SWPL would enter a new cup called like the !!!!!!!!!!. A Cornwall Senior Cup which will be for the SWPL Division One East and West. The Premier Cup for say the JCCL and ECPL and the Intermediate Cup for all the rest.

Personally I cant see it happening as clubs all over the place would reject the suggestion out of hand. In view of this Truro City will have their name on the trophy for ever more unless another team receives massive financial backing.

The difference between the two county associations is that in Cornwall you have Senior and Junior competitions. Whereas in Devon the competitions are more fairly based on the standard you actually play at. In Cornwall there is no competition for anyones Reserve sides, in Devon there is so it becomes all inclusive.

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sounds like a good system that gives every club at every level the oppertunity to compete but like you have already stated the ccfa :c: will never go for it as they dont seem to like change they are more of a creature of comfort

The CCFA had to change their Senior Cup format in 1951-52 as previous to then they played it on a league basis.

They were authorised by The F.A. to fall in line with the rest of the English Counties to play the Cornwall Senior cup in a knock out competition from there on.

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Under the rules for the Western League , no reserve teams are permitted to play.

This was stopped some years ago after Yeovil Town Reserves resigned.Therefore Turo City Reserves can go no higher than SWPLP ,and unless the rules are changed once Truro Reserves come in the SWPLP and win it ,there is no way any other team can be promoted to the Western League Premier.

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