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Stoke Climsland 2nds?


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Stoke Climsland FC has not withdrawn a team and does only have the one team  (Division One). At the beginning of the season officials outside of the Duchy League managed to remove them completely from the Full-Time/Wholegame systems but then when they were reinstated they appeared in both Division One & Two. Believe it or not, it is apparently not a simple matter to get rid of the false entry.

Totally out of the Duchy League's control.

The eagle-eyed of you out there will also notice that St Dominick & Pensilva are listed as 'reserves' when both clubs only have the one side and Dobwalls & Lostwithiel Reserves are so good 'they named them twice' (to quote ol' blue eyes).

That's technology for you !   It wasn't like it in the good old days, just had to cross it out then.



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