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30 minutes ago, leedsunited said:

Very good appointment, to be honest this guy is is working way below his capabilities as Kevin really is a top coach & will get through that league with his eyes closed & laces tied together ! 

Only if the players are capable!

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1 hour ago, FootieMan said:

More fuel for the Mousehole haters on here. Spoiling them really! 


29 minutes ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

Mousehole haters ? ridiculous. 

They’ve got an awful long way to go catch up with Bodmin! You need to get Leedsunited in as an anti-haters coach! You know his mantra “They only hate us because we’re successful”

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Mousehole are a bit of an enigma, in that they have a very good current team capable of giving anyone in their league and above  ( as was the case at Sticker last evening ) a good and testing game, although they are not setting the West division on fire at the moment.
A possible problem that may stunt their progress in the future, is that their acadamy players if they prove to have the ability required of them, will be recalled to their mother clubs to further their careers with them.
This in turn will mean that Mousehole will need to introduce new players from the acadamy in to their team on a regular basis if the system is to work successfully for the club, and indeed for the players who will want to have regular game time to prove their ability.
Teams need time to gel and create an understanding with each other, which could prove difficult if  there is a regular turnover of players.
We wish Mousehole well with their project, and commend them for trying to improve the lot of young players, although we have reservations about how far as a club they will be able to climb in the N.L.S
Depending on which team Argyles acadamy ? turns out in the next round of the W.C.P cup, Mousehole should have a good idea of their own progression by the end of the match.

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