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Parkway  3   -  Clevedon   4 ,

Not happy about letting in 4 goals , but thoroughly enjoyed the end to end game . At 1 - 4 down , I was still enjoying the football , if not the score .

Clevedon took us apart with pace and clinical finishing. A sprited comeback was good to watch and we had chances to level the match.

Cleveden are probably the most entertaining team I have seen this season. The average age of the players was 18/19 !  This team were Southern league just a few seasons ago. 

I was asked the question last night , would I rather see a 4 or 5 nil one sided game or watch games like last night ........... To be honest I do like to watch a tanking ( not for Parkway ) but I did really enjoy the battle too . So to answer it , I'm not sure lol.


Onto the next game.

Cmon Parkway.

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A very entertaining contest last night. Clevedon are the best side I've seen play against Parkway, a young, quick, confident team who had a game plan and executed it perfectly. Absolutely nothing against Parkway as they also play very very well. Some cracking goals on show as well. On another note, great to see Mike Landricombe in a Parkway shirt again, would love for that to be a perminant thing! 

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