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Spectator's Pleasures??

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I'm planning for next season If Penzance Reserves finish bottom of the Combo and are relegated.

Now when I watch football, I like many others like to make it an afternoon out and have a little bit of pleasure.

Which clubs in either the Falmouth-Helston or Mining League offer a pint before the match and a nice cup of tea and bag of crisps at halftime?

Do clubs like St Just or Hayle open their clubhouse for reserve team matches?

At which grounds do I need to bring some cans, a flask, a packet of digestives, an umbrella and folding chair?

Answers below.

Depending who has the best facilities then that's where I'll nag at the Pz lads thats the best league I want us in. :thumbsup:

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Guest Postie Pidge

CTB, these are the places you could end up next season (bearing in mind some will be promoted or relegated)

Falmouth-Helston clubs:

Chacewater - Recreation Ground (little cover)

Falmouth Albion - Dracaena Avenue (nothing)

Falmouth Athletic - Dracaena Avenue (nothing)

Falmouth Town - Dracaena Avenue (nothing)

Hayle - Trevassack Park (depending on which pitch)

Helston - Kellaway Park or Helston School (nothing at school)

Holmans - Blaythorne

Lizard - Beacon Terrace (nothing and usually windy)

Mawnan - Carwinion Field (nothing)

Mousehole - Trungle Park

Penryn - Parkengue (nothing & a long walk to the pitch)

St Agnes - Enys Parc

St Day - Vogue

St Keverne - Tregellast Road (nothing)

Stithians - Showground (nothing and usually windy)

Wendron - Underlane

Mining League clubs:

Goonhavern - Reen Manor

Gulval - St Clare (nothing?)

Gwinear Churchtown - Royal Standard (nothing)

Halsetown - Halsetown Inn (nothing and usually windy)

Holmans - Blaythorne?

Illogan - Oxland Parc

Portreath - Clijah Croft (nothing)

Redruth United - Clijah Croft (nothing)

Robartes - Illogan Park (nothing)

St Ives Town - The Saltings

St Just - Lafrowda Park

Spice Of Life - Clijah Croft (nothing)

Storm - (can't remember the name) STAND!!

Threemilestone - TMS School (nothing)

Trevenson United - Pool School (nothing)

Troon - Grouter Park

Bring a chair to them all to be on the safe side! I'm sure ardent followers and players will be able to add a little more info than me

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Hi Pidge

I've already been on the Cornwall FA for a rough idea where some of the more rural grounds are.

I want to know if Hayle, St Agnes, St Just, etc open their clubhouse for these matches and if they have thier teahuts, bars open.

Of all the teams in the 2 league's 1st Div, Mawnan were the only ones without an address, hence no map. Even got you for Secretary of The Town.

If you are talking about Storm's ground next to Holman's ground, their stand was taken down as it was made of wood, unless they've built a new one since we played there in a friendly at the start of the season.

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Our Clubhouse is open for 1st XI (SWPL Div 1 West), Reserves (Falmouth Helston 1) and 3rd XI (Mining 2) alike.

Our hope is that our reserves can aim for promotion to the JCCL.

I'm sure PZ are doing everything in their power to retain JCCL status, but it would surely be a huge blow for the club, should they be relegated into Junior Football.

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If you join FHFL you might get the privilege of visiting Carhararck's Howard Beachump Recreation Ground in the cups :) and you can get a hot brew what more can you ask for.

Brings a tear to my eye.


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So teams in the Combo have got it lucky. A hot or cold drink at half-time, hot showers, a bar and meal afterwards. And they still moan!

What do you players have at half-time, a quarter of an orange?

How about numbers of supporters. How many do you get? I mean people who walk off the street to watch, not wives, girlfriends, mistrisses, and other family members. How many apart from them turn up and do you go round with a wooden box, rattling it under peoples noses for a couple of quid.

I sound ignorant but when you follow just one team you don't know how the rest live.

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Guest Doomer17

Not going to pretend i am liking your Defeatist attitude CTB!

Just to quash this, there will be no need for you to plan life in the junior leagues, Penzance fc 2nds will not become a junior side. Full stop.

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Pidge you need to get out more. We at Gulval have a great pitch that is rolled and cut far more than most in Junior football. Changing rooms home and away, hot showers refs changing room and seperate shower plus a bar that is open before the game and serve tea and coffee to!

The ironic thing is that most likely we will finish bottom and be relegated.

Still more ironic if PZ do get relegated thaey contain 4 yes 4 players from Gulval, 3 of who have figured in at least mining title and 1 who has 2 mining 1 medals and a Dunn Cup winners medal too!

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Guest Doomer17

And your point being?

If anything what you are saying is proving why were in the rut that we find ourselves in! A great club at Penzance, great management, awesome pitch, but unfortunatly theres not 11 senior players in the combo side.

And one more thing, we WON'T get relegated..but i guess it gives you all something to chat about though right? So carry on....but im afraid its all going to be in vain.

Oh pidge nice picture by the way. Tresavean is such a great pitch if only it was looked after. Eventually it will get sorted, changing rooms, club house e.t.c up there and a groundsman to keep the pitch in tact.


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Guest Sullivan

From the majority of results Pz and Wendron combo have had this season I think they are already junior teams playing in a senior league. I think it's hard for any 2nd team in combo football to feature in the top half due to players being pulled out every weekend (apart from Truro).

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