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As the years go on, this forum has developed into the ONLY forum in Cornwall (and probably Devon as well) to look at if you’re interested in local football.

Regrettably though also over the time it has been overtaken by the “glass half empty” people who seemingly never have anything too good to say about anything.

I accept we all have a moan, but for some of our readers and genuine contributors it’s gone too far now and I tend to agree.

So, for this Saturday at least, the forum’s celebrating “Non-League Day” by asking everyone to return to reporting on the good, positive, enjoyable side of football. You can comment on issues but make it constructive and not chastising. No one purposely goes out there to have a bad game!

Tell us about your match by mentioning the good things that happen - the goals, the star players, the more humorous incidents - instead of moaning, fishing for a bite and slagging off everyone that doesn’t play for the side you’re involved with.

So, basically any post that contains the wrong side of football forums and social media, anything which isn’t written for the good of local football and in particular this forum, will be removed as soon as possible. Sorry guys, no room to appeal or protest - off it will go, instant red card!

This also includes any one-liner antagonistic comments only posted to wind people up - these will also be removed.

Let’s enjoy life and with it celebrate our local football.

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