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Help make the southwest a safer place to live, work, play sport, and generally enjoy

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Across the UK 2,000 people die each week after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), which is the equivalent of one person every 5 minutes. This statistic includes one child daily in our schools.
According to the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) a shock by defibrillation administered within one minute increases the chance of survival by 90 per cent.
The survival rate without being shocked decreases by 10 per cent and 14 per cent with every passing minute.
With the ambulance service stretched to breaking point, these machines and the general public etc may be the life line to saving these patients or giving them a chance to live. 
These AED’s shall be places in public places like shopping centres, leisure centres, public attractions, and sporting grounds but also sometimes this will be in a locked metal cabinet on the outside of the building and will be a code to get into the locked cabinets. The call operator will tell the caller where the defibrillator is located and the code to get in, this will then activate a green flashing light to help it to be locate, this is only an option should there be more than two people present so one can do CPR while the other collects the defibrillator which will be taken away by the ambulance service who will inform us we need to collect it and tell us if used adult or child pads so these can be replaced and also the location. This will then have the new pads and razor blade put into the case and taken back to the business or location it came from within 24 hours. 
We cover a number of charity events with medical cover throughout the southwest and we wish to work with them also to make sure the site has one on site along with the ones we carry on our vehicles. 
We plan to make the southwest a safer place to live and visit, we also wish to go into schools, youth groups and other community groups to offer free basic life saving training like CPR, practice on a training defibrillator and get a chance to feel how hard to press on CPR each. For children we shall be making the learning a lot more relaxed so they understand better on what to do in an emergency, we feel it’s very important that children know what to do in an emergency incase something happens at home to there parents or someone caring for them and no one else is home. 
You never know when you or a friend or loved one may need one of these machines and basic life saving training. Each of the defibrillators we are getting sell at a cost of around £900 each. And if we need a locked metal case with flashing green light then we with installation is about the same price again. But we always say you can’t put a price on a life. 
Although we are in talks with a couple companies to get a deal done on them as it won’t be s single unit being bought, it maybe single item at a time as we don’t want the money sitting in a bank account when it could be out there saving lives. I hope that the AED’s are never needed but there is only one thing that’s certain in life and that’s we will die at some point. 
Each defibrillator will be checked yearly and will have adult and child pads In the case, also will have scissors and a disposable razor. The scissors are to cut clothing to be able to see the chest to apply the pads, and a razor blade to quickly shave the areas where the pads are going on the patients. The defibrillators will talk you through every step of the process and will help you with the CRP speed so know your doing it correct or if too slow or too fast, it will tell you if need to press harder or less, it will tell you when to stop so the machine can check if the patients heart has started again and also if need to Shock the patient or not, if shock is needed it will tell you stand back from patient and then deliver the shock, should no shock be require and you press the button the machine will over ride it and now deliver the sock. These machines are so simple to use a child could use them. 
If you would like to get involved with fundraising for these AED's then please message us or email info@southwestmedicalandsecurity.co.uk
Should you wish to have one in your community or sports club then please contact us as we are looking at bulk ordering to reduce the price, I have contacted a number of company's that sell them to see if can get a deal with them as we won't stop when we hit the crowd funder target we shall just start a new page and continue the fundraising. 
Please share this post around and donate if you can, even if just a small amount as it's a step towards another machine that could be life saving. One day it maybe you that needs an AED or a loved one. And finally, this cause is a not for profit cause, all money raised shall be used for the purpose listed above. 
Thanks for reading this post and Thanks for your support.







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On 03/10/2018 at 09:47, cornishteddyboy said:

I have seen them. Great idea.

To donate visitwww.crowdfunder.co.uk/aed-fundraising and please if you use Facebook, copy and paste the post above or visit the Cornwall fa page, the visitor posts and there is a post on there. Need to spread the word far and wide and then ask people to donate as it's the only way things will happen. But I will take a bucket to the games I go to like I normally do when go with partner but before it was for another charity but now changed to this. Thanks 

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