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Promotion and relegation from the combination league

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I would have thought that only Truro City Reserves with all their professional attitude and application would make it out of the JCCL this season by finishing top.

The way I see it, is that there are 6 feeder leagues (one of which is the JCCL) to supply two places??-one each for SWPL(W) and SWPL(E).

There again you never know if any clubs might withdraw from the SWPL and leave vacancies.

I believe the application closing date is 1st.Feb. not too far away.

Another good point noted by CTB is that the SWPL(W) has 16 clubs and SWPL(E) has 17 clubs.

Will the SWPL level up both to 17(or increasing to 18 as in the SWPL Premier) thus needing two/three clubs for promotion.

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i know godolphin want to progress and try for promotion from the east cornwall league but what happens to torpoint and saltash if they already have first teams in the swp league can you have two teams in one league or what happens any one know ,,,, metts

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Guest ggr_garth

Is the club looking to improve their facilities Alan?

I wouldn't have thought that Saltash and Torpoint would be allowed to gain promotion, surely there must be a few league between the sides' first and second teams.

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Guest Postie Pidge

Saltash and Torpoint Reserves couldn't join the Peninsula League for the similar reasons as Truro - there has to be a gap between first and second teams at Pyramid level

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hi gareth and yes its all being changed off the field to comply with the new regs now so hopfully its full steam ahead say hi to dad for me im off to play golf in spain in 2 weeks down by ur dads place so tell him to board up his windows lol im not driving to good at the moment x lol metts

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Since the 2003-04 season, whoever has finished bottom of the combination has been relegated to be replaced by one of the applying clubs apart from last year. The teams that have left the league have been Marazion Blues, Porthleven Reserves and Goonhavern Reserves. Last season Truro City finished last but were not relegated as they should have been due to the restructuring in the leagues.

The Combo League up to 2003-04 had a system of voting where the teams that finished bottom or 2nd bottom were put into the ring with any teams applying and the other clubs voted to either accept new members to the league or keep the existing bottom one or two. This is why it was very difficult for teams to join the league. Teams such as Hayle, Perranporth, etc had to apply many times before they were accepted. Conversely in was difficult to get teams out of the league. Ludgvan have finished in the bottom 2 seven times since 1998-99 but have always survived. There has been the odd time when teams should not have been relegated such as in 97/98 when Pendeen were relegated. The one and only time they finished in bottom place, so local politics played a part.

Promotion to the combo is achieved by applying to join. The leagues that have traditionally supplied teams are the Mining League and Falmouth Helston, but the Combo will accept applications from further away. Each team must apply in writing ( must arrive about this time of year) and they are letter with "intent to apply", in other words giving notice that if that team finishes in the top three of their league they might apply. If they apply but don't finish in the top three then they will not be promoted. Also clubs seeking promotion out of the Combo can apply to have a reserves team in the league such as happened when Goonhavern joined the SWL.

Due to restructuring last year Hayle and Wendron applied and were replaced by their reserve teams. Mousehole did not apply. Porthleven Reserves were promoted from the junior leagues. Last year applications were also received from St Newlyn East, Storm and Probus. The first two were rejected and the last received after the cut-off time.

Some teams left the Combo at the end of the season because of other problems such as Carharrack (no ground), Illogan RBL Reserves, Mullion Reserves, Truro City Reserves and Falmouth Town Reserves (all replaced by their first teams) or teams such as St Columb Minor, St Breward and St Dennis swapping leagues.

It was the same for promotion from the Combo into the SWL. A team applied around the new year and at the end of the season if they were in the top couple of places then they were considered for promotion. One or two teams have gone onto the SWL but have rejoined the Combo. Porthleven, Penryn Athletic both replaced their reserves teams after a spell in the SWL only to go back up again. Illogan RBL and Mullion went up, came down and are still in the combo.

The SWPL needs to make it fairer to clubs in Cornwall by increasing the size of the Division One West to equal numbers with DIV 1 East. I also think that the bottom 3 from the SWPL Premier should be relegated with the champions of both East and West Div Ones being promoted and the teams finishing in 2nd places playing off for the 3rd spot. This will make the movement of teams better or both Div Ones will stagnate as not enough teams will be promoted and relegated from them.

Spectators want that chance of promotion or that fear of relegation. It will increase crowds at both ends of the leagues, top and bottom. If spectators think that there is only a chance of eithe, they won’t come out and support their teams.

The only name I’ve heard so far asking to join the Combo next season. is Portreath. Truro 3rd team cannot replace their Reserves if their Reserves join the SWPL.

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Excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question but what happens if a team gets relegated from the SWPL and they have a Reserves team in the Combo? Does the Reserve team automatically get relegated no matter where they finish or do the two teams merge to become one Combo team? (with a few noses put out of joint I should think)

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Ronin if a team is relegated from the SWPL to the Combo they should replace thier Reserves.

Examples of teams replacing their Reserves from SWL to Combo

1972-73 Helston Athletic

1975-76 Truro City

1977-78 Porthleven

1981-82 Illogan RBL

1983-84 Falmouth Town

1986-87 Penryn Athletic

1995-96 Mullion

No mergers

Some teams replaced by their Reserves when going up from Combo to SWL

1961-62 Nanpean Rovers

1968-69 Porthleven

1975-76 Illogan

1978-79 Truro City

1984-85 Falmouth Town

1985-86 Penryn Athletic

1989-90 Porthleven

1991-92 Mullion

1999-00 Penryn Athletic

2005-06 Goonhavern

2007-08 Hayle, Wendron CC United

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thanks for clearing that up cornishteddyboy . could you just answer one more question if portreath have applied and they finish in the top three in there league and there ground and so on is adequate would the team finishing bottom of the combination league be automatically relegated or would there still be some kind of in house vote ?

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Since 2003-04 whoever has finished bottom of the Combo has been relegated apart from last season due to the reorganisation.

I support Pz Reserves and I am bl@@dy worried that we will be out. 11 games left and bottom of the Combo. 14 years of watching Pz Combo at places such as Perranwell, St Day, etc could be relaced by watching them in the Mining League or Falmouth/Helston at places such as Robarts Arms, Spice of Life, etc.

I'll still do the Combo website but it will feel awkward writing about something I don't know about.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reading the West Briton online football news

-it said Helston Athletic will be accepted into the SWPL Div 1 West if they finish in the top two of the JCCL.

With Truro City Reserves all but assured of promotion is this SWPL (1W) going to increase membership to accept two clubs bringing the total from 16 to 17 teams.

This would level up with the SWPL(1E) which started this season with 17 clubs.

I gather the application closing date is tomorrow 1st.February.

Great news if true. Helston are a big club with a long history in Cornish Senior football and cannot afford to lose distance from the other rival West Cornwall clubs.

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If it's saying that Helston will be accepted into the SWPL Div 1 West if they finish in the top two of the JCCL does this mean that no other clubs are applying or what? And does the bottom one from each Division One automatically get relegated?

As I see it, two may go up out of six feeder leagues in Devon & Cornwall :

The leagues being Cornwall Combination, Devon & Exeter, East

Cornwall Premier, North Devon, Plymouth & West

Devon and South Devon Leagues.

I think we need Phil H just to give us the specifics at this stage as to what in theory can happen - without I appreciate being able to name names!

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As I see it, only 1 team from each feeder league of the SWPL can be promoted and they must finish in the top 2 of their own league.

There are far too many "ifs & buts" at the moment so it is not really wise to speculate who may or may not stand a chance. In theory, a maximum of 12 teams from 6 feeder league could be eligible to be considered for 2 promotional spots (1 into each Div1 league)

The whole issue also depends on what happens with promotion/relegation between clubs in the SWPL and the Western League, which can have a knock-on effect upon what happens at the bottom end of the SWPL Premier and the top of both Div.1's as well as the bottom of Div 1 leagues and the feeder leagues.

We'll all have to wait a little longer to see how things pan out but more accurate "guesses" can be made when details of all Clubs seeking promotions are revealed!

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From ECLP's post elsewhere on the forum :-

Please note that the following clubs have correctly applied to join the league for the 2008/09 season. Acceptance is conditional on ground grading and final league positions.

Bovey Tracey AFC -- South Devon League

Chagford AFC -- South Devon League

Exeter Civil Service AFC -- Devon & Exeter League

Godolphin Atlantic AFC -- East Cornwall Premier League

Heavitree Harriers AFC -- Devon & Exeter League

Helston AFC -- Cornwall Combination League

Royal Marines AFC -- Royal Navy FA (Non National League Application)

Sticker AFC -- East Cornwall Premier League

St Martins AFC -- Devon & Exeter League

Truro City Reserves -- Cornwall Combination Lge (Subject to 1st Team in Southern League 2008/9)

So I think as John said, everyone needs to hold fast for a while as to who goes where. The reference to Helston was presumably that they had been accepted onto the list of possibles, but by no ways a certainty yet.

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Guest Vixster

I have just confirmed with the Combination Secretary that Mr Harris has recieved our application and Portreath AFC have also correctly applied subject to ground grading and final league positions.

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Keep this under your hat as it is a bit hush hush but my informant has told me that 3 teams have so far applied to join the Combo.

One is definitly Storm, one is believed to be Portreath and the other is unknown at present but we are working on that one.

All 3 are from the Mining League so that means only one can join the Combo, if their facilities are all in place, as the rues state only one each can join from each of the Combo feeder leagues.

At present my spy doesn't know if anyone has applied from the Fal/Hels league.

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