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Results 6th January 2008

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Star 5 Mpad 3

Watched a delightful game at Nancegollan Stadium. Admirably reffed by the laconic Dave Newberry.

There was the usual mixture of excellent football and dire ****-ups to give the intriguing scoreline.

Mpad probably played the better football, but Star's more direct approach took advantage of the ****-ups to give them victory.

Pidge was extremely lucky to be still available to play for the next few weeks when, in the last minute, he took out Jamie Moonie of Star. I was quite shocked - not something Pidge should be proud of. (I look forward to his response)

Possibly reff Dave's only real mistake was to allow that to go with only a severe talking to.

Lucky Pidge.

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Halsetown 3 Gloweth Utd 3 h/t 2-2

Hard fought but enjoyable match on the Halsetown slope with a draw probably being the fair result although both sides might have won it.

Gloweth scored after 12 minutes but a cracking shot from 25 yards earned the home team the equaliser which they added to soon after with an angled shot from 15 yards.A defected free-kick squared things just before half-time.

Gloweth took the lead midway through the second half but Halsetown pressed in the latter stages and their striker missed two one-on-ones before he rounded the visiting keeper to score.

Both teams and referee well looked after following the match,thanks.

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Div 1

The Oxford 0 Falmouth Albion 4 (h/t 0-2)

The best team won on the day, Falmouth took advantage of some poor defending from the Oxford, credit to both teams who tried to play football on a poor pitch, game got a bit heated towards the end with some poor tackles leading to a Falmouth player being sent off and another two bookings spoiling what was quite a good game well reffed by porkie

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Guest Postie Pidge

Losing badly and I'd had enough and we had used all of our subs. If it wasn't the last minute I would have been sent off. Refs words!

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Guest Peppermint

Obviously I was not at the game that Pidge and Bill refer but surely it does not matter if the offence happened in the first minute or last then if something warrants a red card then a red card should be shown. Totally inconsistent officiating and no wonder players get upset!!!

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