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I got this yesterday, ANYONE INTERESTED

Dear Club Secretaries,

At the end of the season we are planning on holding a charity football match which we hope will be contested between a team of referees organised by ourselves, and a team made up of coaching staff from the South West Peninsula League teams.

Planning for this event is at a very early stage and we are simply wanting to know whether or not we would have enough interest from coaching staff to make up a side to play. We would welcome any interest from physio’s and backroom staff as well.

The aim of the event would be to make money for the Benevolent Fund, and a charity of the coaching staff’s teams choice. We think that a lot of people would come and watch this event due to its unique nature and therefore a decent amount of money could be made. As we referees don’t play very often, we have decided that playing a team of coaches rather than players, would make for a more competitive game and as such a more entertaining event!

We would be grateful if you could extend this invite to your coaches and backroom staff and let us know if there is any interest from them with regards to playing. Should this event gain the necessary support it would take place after the season has ended, and would probably be around mid – May at a central ground.

If you could reply directly to


rather than Phil Hiscox by February 1st 2008 it would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks for your support,

Cameron Mann & Paul Lister

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