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Assistent Manager Reguired

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I am looking for someone to assist me with the Roche Fc First X1 until the end of the season. My previous assistent was called upon to work on saturdays from the beginning of November and doesn't look like he will be available again.

The role would involve dealing with players on match days and helping out with training if interested.

The club have numerous FA qualified coaches from Level 1 to Level 2 and has a number a teams from under 9's up to and including a veterans side.

With the plans for a new stand and mini soccer pitches in the pipeline for next season its a good place to start for someone who just loves football on a saturday and wants to get involved.

Give me a ring if interested 07772 572634

Training tonight 7pm - 9pm

Normal training Tuesday 7.30pm until 9.15pm

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Yes Gareth had a good one thank you until i had to go football. Turned up at home to St Blazey to find out 3 players turned up had flu and couldn't play.

We used a couple from St Dennis who were going to be on the bench because i had 3 on holiday. As you know they are struggling and it showed in there play. I am fortuanate to have no less then 5 players back this week and we will need them against an inform Nanpean.

Hope to see you there. Bring a assistent with you to help me got a lot on and can't cope. We expecting another baby in April as well so could be my last year.

see you saturday

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