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Football boots left in div2 dressing room

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I think i left my football boots in the div 2 dressing room at crowntown after the select 11 football match.

If anyone has seen them or knows where they are could you contact me, either on this or my email addresss which is cjonesyuk@hotmail.com.

Really important i have them soon :D willing to pick them up although i do work in truro and live in falmouth so is anyone close?

Good game all thanks in advance

Chris Jones

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What was Harry's award given for?

Harry Ball supports the teams that play at Nancegollan. He marks the pitches, helps with corner flags, nets, balls etc and generally makes it possible for three clubs to play there.

There is no external support for the facility. The Parish Council owns the ground and sorts out the grass cutting. The clubs have to do the rest themselves. Harry does much of the little extras that make it all workable.

At the start of the season, he was seen with a tape measure, marking out the pitch. When the doors in the changing room swelled and needed planing, he did it. When the new bits, goals, store etc. arrived, he was there to check it and sign for it. The list just goes on....

I KNOW that there are others like him about. Unfortunately, the League doesn't know who they are so that they can also be given an award.

Please, please clubs let Dave James know if you have your own "Harry". It doesn't take much effort and they'll get a bit of well-deserved recognition.

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