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A message from Culdrose Youth

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This was sent to me by a friend. A message being shared on Social Media.

It is from Culdrose Youth and tells it like it is.

Hello all, in recent months there has been a lot of misleading information put out on social media regarding player development. Can I just reiterate the following:

1. There are no recognised academies in Cornwall

2. To be an academy recognised by the FA you have to be a professional club.

3. There are no recognised Elite Player Programmes in Cornwall .

4. To have an Elite Player Programme you must be a professional club.

5. There are no Centres of Excellence recognised in Cornwall, the nearest being Plymouth Argyle.

Clubs that are saying any of the above are just another grassroots club trying to attract the best players. If you are approached ask them the following 3 questions:

1. What FA Charter Standard status do you have?

2. Ask to see the coach’s CRC and Safeguarding qualifications?

3. Can they confirm their Elite and Academy Status with the FA?

We are not an academy, centre of excellence or offer an elite player programme. What we do offer is the best and safest learning environment in local football. That is why the FA recognise us as such.


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Never realised this:-

“Factsheet on Academies and Centres of Excellence for youth football. 

Professional football clubs youth development departments are either run as Academies (under the overall control of FA Premier League) or Centre of Excellence (organised by the Football League). 

The rules governing both are very similar. All FA Premier League Clubs are encouraged to operate a Football Academy. Clubs operating a Football Academy may not operate a Centre of Excellence.”

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