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It's interesting, when used properly can give you a real advantage. Means managers have to be very aware tacticaly, and not fall in the trap of giving every sub a few minutes just to keep them happy.Going on for 10 mins and then being pulled off again is not a good idea. Would end up with having players good at heading being brought in for corners then taken off again?

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From experience it works well in the Trelawney League and all the 'problems' suggested prior to it being introduced never actually happened (time wasting, set plays etc). Managers and players seem to enjoy it (in the main) and gives the opportunity to bring in younger players, players returning from injury and 'older' players - for sorter periods of play. Couple of points to remember - clubs don't have to repeat subs if they don't want and the Ref controls entry to field of play and easily stops 'abuse' of the idea.

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