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Boxing day crowds.


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I was going to say just over the 300 mark. We had around 270 for our F.A cup tie with Paulton and it seemed less than boxing day. Good crowd but I still expected more. Shame really. Hoped wed hit 400. Maybe we would have if we werent so up and down this season.

St Blazeys average now up to 143. Very good with an average season on the pitch. One good thing about this league is knowing the crowds. Intresting to see whos pulling the crowds and for what reasons. Bidefords was very good with over 700 on boxing day.

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Essex Senior League (level 5)

Mauritious Sports & Pennant FC (merged with a great club of the past Walthamstow Avenue) could only muster an attendance of 4 (Four) for their Boxing Day game.

The Essex league is two steps higher than the SWPL (W) where Porthleven gathered 319 spectators-so cant be that bad down this outpost of the country

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