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Camelford v Wadebridge Town photos online


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Great work again Ade.

Not many of Camelford looking threatening, well one out of 35!! Fantastic shots of all 4 of our goals though.

It was an entertaining game for the neutral, I'm sure, but we were so naive and nervous at times, glad we're back on track in the goalscoring department though, should have had a couple more really.

Have a great new year and good luck to our neighbours, keep up the good work boys, by the way, great pitch.

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As you know I'm always keen to get the best possible photographs and to watch a good match. I have to make a concious decision at the start of a game as to where I think the best pictures will be and try to position myself to get them.

Despite being a Wadebridge born & bred guy (of which I am very proud incidentally) I will always aim to get the best action shots and goals which ever side is scoring them....remember some of the thrashings Wadebridge took on their new pitch last season!

As for the Boxing Day game I reckon I chose the right end 'cos I photographed 4 goals being scored.

Have a Happy New Year and good luck for the rest of the season...you've got a good looking set up there at Camelford.


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