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Elburton Villa are to wthdraw from the ECPL

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Hoped to address the ECPL and its memebers at the SGM on Wednesday coming but as this is already up........

The ECPL have been notified of the request not to continue our membership for season 2018/19.

Our club has decided that it wishes to run a Saturday 'Development Team' to support its youth set up.

We felt we needed to do more ourselves to keep youngsters in the game so using resources from our u17's & u18's, plus players who have recently left youth football we have put a team into P&WD League.

Each season we wish to keep giving our youth as they reach u17s etc a chance to play the adult game and keep them interested for future seasons wherever their football may take them?

We thank the ECPL for having us (twice) over a number of years now and thank all the clubs for their hospitality.

All the best for the future.

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4 hours ago, Number13 said:

That leaves only 11 teams in division 1, could it have an impact on promotion and relegation to and from the league?

Another Duchy club could now take promotion (Torpoint were RU but can't go up, so maybe Veryan as 3rd place)? and like last season, that could stop a relegation from the ECPL 1 for a club that was 2nd bottom

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