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Bad boy of Truro FC?

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Guest tom@white tigers

This is taken from the Truro City forum:

Official Club Statement Marcus Martin

The club would like to make the following statement regarding one of their players:-

The Club are aware that an incident happened at a local nightclub in the early hours of Sunday 16th December 2007 which involved Marcus Martin, the matter is currently being investigated by the Police and the player has currently been released on bail until early in the New Year.

The club have had discussions with the Police and as a result will not be making any further comment on the matter for the foreseeable future to enable the Police to complete their investigations and would appreciate forum members to take a similar line.

The club would also like to comment that it takes any allegation very seriously and will deal with the matter fully when this investigation has been concluded and they don't condone any act of assault.

Forum Administrator & Moderators

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Please Remember guys to be carefull what you write on this.



WHY should anybody wish to comment on this?. It's the business of the man/people concerned and NOTHING at all to do with me or anybody else on here.

If you want idle gossip get yourself down to your local W.I. and fill your boots.

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