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just a thought .....

any chance both squads can be put on here so we know the possible lineups for this match .

Hope the Div 1 clubs have ALL sent their nominations in by now ...........

after all this is a representative game so ALL clubs should participate ..

The result should not matter !!!!


.AND HELP EAT THE FOOD BACK AT THE PUB :thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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To confirm that there will be musical "entertainment" in the Crown Inn after the game. Billy will be trying to recreate the ambiance of the sixties era with his singer. (That's when he started playing footie - and yes, they did play in black & White then.) Any requests will be totally ignored.

There will be spare mike, (Cudlipp) if anyone wishes to join in. However, being associated with this band may be difficult to live down.

This may just be a ploy to empty the pub early. You'll have to be there to find out!

To remind all. K.O. 10.30 at Nancegollan Playing Field. Afterwards at the Crown Inn for food, music and maybe the odd libation.

Hopefully, if the weather is fine, it should be a good family event. If the family hates football (Hard to believe, I know.) Then bring them along for the end of the game and the pub do.

There's a kiddies playground and, probably, lots of mud for the little ones.

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