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There has been yet again another allegation made on this forum about a member of the site, we do NOT condone this sort of posting! This is a forum to chat about Cornish Soccer, not to personally slate our members. We the moderators can only check this site as much as we can when we have the time, as you may or may not know we have now appointed `Postie Pidge` as a moderator so he can now moderate the site during the daytime when Rich, Dave and myself are are work. We do not want to have to check all your posts before they are shown on the forum as this will cause a delay and will frustrate the members who use this site properly.

So can you please refrain from accusing people on this site as please use this site the way it is meant to be, if you however do have any queries or reports to make then please do contact us.

The topic in question was removed immediately when a moderator seen it.

Please think before you post.

Thank You

Paparazzi ;)

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