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a player broke his leg 15 mins into match and it took along time for th ambulance to arrive

It was 51 minutes into the match, and the ambulance took about 15 minutes to arrive. It was a Goonhavern player (sorry, don't know the name), and the score was 0-0 at the time.

By the time he had been treated by the paramedics, it was probably 30 minutes behind schedule, with almost 40 minutes still to play and the players by now frozen and in no mood to go back and play football (in fact a couple of the Millbrook players were in the bar, still in their kit, with pints in their hand!), the referee took the only possible decision.



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i can confirm that it was our captain craig brown who had his Tibula and fibula broken today by a tackle, which everyone has their own opinion off and it's no point gettng into a slagging match on here, lets just say that Ref Mike Carter wasn't at the races today.

Best wishes to Craig from everyone at Goonhavern he is due to have plates and screws inserted in an operation in the morning, but he will be lucky to be out before christmas, what is even worse is that he was due to go to disneyland on friday with his family for christmas.

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thats shit luck mate hope the op goes well and your back playing soon hopefully you will be out for xmas once again goodluck with the op thinking of you mate

to the millbroke player hope your pleased with yourself TWO FOOTED tackles are never called for and you have fu###d up craig and his familys xmas :angry2:

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Guest Peppermint

Best wishes to Craig - good player who gives 100% everytime I have seen him play for Goonhavern.

What an awful thing to happen before Christmas and the family holiday. Hopefully the travel company can show some compassion and allow the visit to be made at a later date.

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First Millbrook game I've missed this season and obviously feelings are running high when a player suffers such a serious injury - especially just before Christmas and more so with his family's trip to Disneyland just days away.

But I'd also say that the Millbrook player involved is not the type of guy to try and deliberately injure someone - I don't think he's exactly happy with what's happened - in fact I think he feels pretty bad about it.

(It was also the Millbrook physio that did his best to look after Craig until the ambulance arrived.)

Whatever, the most important thing is that Craig gets better as soon as possible and hope that his trip to Disneyland can get re-arranged. I'm sure that everyone at Millbrook will echo that.

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just to update you craig had his operation sunday morning but unfortunately suffered a reaction in the night and was in ICU for most of the morning, but is back on the ward now but not breathing well, possible pnumonia as well that the doctors are keeping an eye on. I'm hoping to see him on wednesday or thursday and will update everyone then. All our thoughts are with tracey and Lewis at this difficult time

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Guest Peppermint

I am sure all our thoughts are for Craig and his family and no doubt you, John, will tell Craig when you see him that a lot of well wishers have expressed their thoughts for a speedy recovery on the Forum.

We all love the banter on here but this really brings it home that football is only a game.

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Just been to see Craig again today, he's looking a bit better then he has all week. His breathing is getting a little bit better but is still not brilliant. He still is annoyed with the tackle he recevied as no two footed tackle should be allowed in the game. But as a player myself I don't think anyone goes into break somebody's leg it's just a shame it happened this way. Two footed tackles should be banned now with a straight red card there's not enough ref's clamping down on it. Instead they would rather send you off for something stupid.

Dean Blatch

Goonhavern FC

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Guest Gouldie

I play for Millbrook and was playing in the game. As was stated earlier on there was a lot of debate about the tackle, which is understandable when such a terrible injury occurs. I spoke with the player who made the tackle this week and he felt terrible at the time about the injury and has kept up to date with the progress of the injury. He is still very upset about what happened. I spoke with a couple of the Goonhavern players after the game and there was a conclusion that it was a hard tackle but not necessarily outside the laws of the game. I don't want to get in to arguments about tackles but did feel that it is only fair to offer a balanced comment when others are condeming the tackle when perhaps not at the game.

I have read the forum for a while but this is the first time I thought about commenting. The point I really wanted to make was about the referee. It has to be said that I don't think he handled the situation very well. It was almost like he didn't know what to do. At the time there was a lot of emotion which wasn't helped by some of the players from both sides. Goonhavern players arguing about the tackle with a couple of players from Millbrook who were arguing about it being a throw in. All of this was done within about 5 metres of the player on the floor and the referee who just stood there. He then let the Goonhavern players take the nets down and all of the players from both sides started to walk off. Still no decision made!!! He got out of all of this by doing nothing. Surely if he felt it was a bad tackle then he could still have dished out his punishment or offered some decision either way, instead of letting some of the arguments go on and start to get out of hand. The players then got changed and some ended up in the bar, and he still hadn't abandoned the game.

On a seperate note he got himself in a right mess over the red card for the Goonhavern player. The 2nd yellow for kicking the ball away was fair but he put himslef in an awkward position after giving the first one only a minute before which was dubious to say the least.

The most important thing though is that Craig recovers as soon as possible and all the lads at Millbrook feel that way.

I knew I would end up commenting about referees. For my 2nd post I will try and go for something a bit more positive, maybe a win at Camelford on Saturday.

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