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Only me folks. Just a quick question.

I've got 2 laptops and no tower so I'm thinking of buying one of these (follow link below)


Has anyone bought one, or know someone who has, and if so, do they work. I don't want to waste my cash on rubbish.

Another cheaper one is on the following link.


Its so I can watch footy whilst waiting for my daughter when she's at her belly dancing lessons or if the kids are hogging the TV whilst footies on. I could sit in the car with the laptop on and put the aeriel on the roof say? What do you think?



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You should ask Knack CTB, he gave me good pointers when I was looking for a new PC and according to Coopsie he's the man in the know when it comes to computers :thumbsup:

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Freeview is perfect my side of St Erth, other side of village under the hill has a few problems.

Belly dancing lessons for daughter are at Pool, in Redruth and also in the junior school by Tesco's, Camborne.

I usually sit in car reading e-books but they get boring after a while and Radio 5 live is not that great on a Thursday evening.

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I've just realised the examples I gave aren't Windows Vista complient.

So far I've bought a digital camera and one of those 3 in 1 digital camera/voice recorder/camrecorder and they won't work with Vista. It's a bl**dy pain in the neck cos I wanted pictures of footy grounds for the combo website. Anyone else got Vista and has the same problems?

The item below complies with Vista.


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Guest Sport Lover

I thought it would be a good idea to buy a TV card for my computer. Although it works if I want to watch TV I put the TV on. SO treat it as a gimmick rather than a TV replacement

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I've got the "Peak DV3".

Works no problem. Used in the camper van and it's great if there's a good signal.

Drains the laptop battery of course so make sure that you have a car power supply if you want to watch it for any length of time.

I use it as a TV in the flat with a computer monitor. You can set it up so the TV appears full screen on the monitor and you can work away using the laptop screen

Brilliant and cheaper than a freeview box!

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