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Anti - Truro and Money in Football

Guest Fish

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Well i do not live in Cornwall any more and people up here think that football stops being played at Plymouth. The amount of times i have said Cornwall does have some very good players and teams. Some of the Grounds in Cornwall are so much better than sum up here at the same Level 7, Big Club houses, Stands and Flood lighting and i have had the pleasure of playing at some. Bickland park is the nearest you will get to feeling like you are playing in a real stadium and St Blazey ground is very good as well.

When im back at Christmas i will have the pleasure of gracing Poltair Park when im down - Looking forward to it!!!.

Getting back to Truro, i think it is really good for Cornwall that they want to progress through the leagues and if it takes money to do that and someone is willing to pay so be it. In to days game if you have money it breeds sucess in any league.

Man Utd - Prem, Watford - Champ, Swansea - Fl 1, Chelmsford City Ryman league.

There is more money the higher you go to attract the best players as you should want to play the highest standard you can.

The real problem with money is the amount being paid out at Combination level that isnt even as good as 5 years ago. Some people would prefer to get £20-00 and play down St Just instead of playing for a local team at a higher level. Who has the money in the Combo now, St Just, Holmans ???


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