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1 hour ago, Hetty said:

Little bit cringe 

Not sure why you think this is cringe Hety.. This is filmed, edited and produced by a media student from the local uni..before passing judgement check out his other work on YouTube, I think you'll be impressed. Not sure you will find this level of coverage in any other local league football..but I stand to be corrected.   :D

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8 hours ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

Pretty good stuff I think there, a few of those games needed to be played in wellies !!!!!

I liked the trap, turn and shoot from the number 9 myself.

Older, please feel free to vote at http://www.plymouthparkwayfc.co.uk/goal-season-far/  its just a bit of fun and you're right, Smithy's goal is a screamer   :thumbsup:

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On 16/01/2018 at 09:11, Paul said:

Nothing wrong with this. Always good to see some local football highlights. Glynn hobbs two strikes in a row near the end are different class. Be intresting to see how good he would be at Argyle. Is he just to good at this level or not?

10 years ago i am sure he could have made it as a pro but he decided to go down another route not a hope in hell now

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On 17/01/2018 at 20:43, 100%cornish said:

he would be no good at Argyle but maybe he would do well at Torquay they need someone there toget them out of the mess they are in but Hobbs is a good player but not in the same class as Levi Landricombe that player is class

Rocky neal better than both of them

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