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Forum To Close - Need Your Help

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Thanks to all those who have donated so far we have just passed 50% of our target within 48 hours!  Please donate no matter how small and push us over the line before then end of the month!




CornwallFootballForum.com is a independent non-profit community football website first created over 10 years ago.

Since then technology has changed, users visiting the site has significantly grown to over 1000 unique users a day.  This has meant costs associated with running the site has increased as we moved to a dedicated server.

In order to keep the site free from costs to the members we tried an advertising model. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked as expected.  So, we are asking members if they will please donate to help run the site non profit for another 12 months. 

In the event that funds needed are not raised we sadly might have to close the forum at the end of 30 days if the target is not met. We are asking if members would be kind enough to donate please and keep the site going!



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326 members (that's not including those who might have looked at the forum without signing in) have visited the CornwallFootballForum between January 1 through to this morning.

So far the donation fund to keep the forum going has reached £560 of the £720 target and on behalf of myself, Richard and the moderators I must thank and applaud all those that have contributed. 

43 of us have done so to reach this amazing figure in basically just 4 days.

It doesn't need anyone to contribute loads of money, but we are so close to getting the annual requirement in what has been just a matter of days!

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I might be able to help here. I realise I am a new member that’s just signed up, but I run RefChat.co.uk and am an active referee in the Duchy league, and have a dedicated server that I could let you have your own hosting space on at a fraction of the cost you mentioned above. 


If if I can help in any way please get in touch 

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Today proves the value of the Forum as people come on here to find out if their game is postponed and find out if there is another game on for them to watch.

If you didn't have this forum think of the wasted fuel you would use going to postponed games.

So what have you saved in wasted fuel today? 

Why not donate that same amount to keep this forum open. We may have raised enough for this season but there is always funding needed for future years. So did deep, donate the money you have saved today to keep us going.

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