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ECPL RESULT Wednesday December 12th


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ECPL RESULT Wednesday December 12th

Rowett Insurance League Cup

Group B

Saltash United 6 Liskeard Athletic 1

This means Lanreath and not Liskeard will visit Launceston in the First Round proper

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Guest Peppermint

Good point Mr Chairman. Some teams who lose their first few games and then have no hope of qualifying have to still carry on and play several meaningless matches. They obviously just want to get back and play league matches. There must be a better way of running the league cup competition.

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Here's a suggestion:

Firstly the League Cup could be played on a straight knock out basis but over two legs (except for the Final)

There are a total of 28 teams in the League. If the League Cup was started after Christmas the top 4 teams in the Premier Division at the time of the 1st Round draw would get a bye into Round Two.

The other 24 teams would play in Round One meaning 12 teams going into the hat with the previously mentioned top 4, as such the2nd round would have 16 teams and so on.

This would mean any one team would only have to play a maximum of nine games to win the competition and would be guaranteed at least one home cup fixture.

The ECPL could then (if they wanted to) run two Divisional Cup Competitions with the early rounds before Christmas and this would also be on a straight knock out basis.

This time there would be 14 teams in each competition with two teams getting a bye in Round One.

In Round Two there would be eight teams and so on and would mean a maximum of four games to win the Trophy unless this competition too was also run over two legs.

One criteria for the Divisional Cups would be that any player that had played in the SW Peninsula League that season would not be eligible to play, thus avoiding the possibility of any number of Reserve teams strengthening their sides in the later stages to give them an advantage.

It would also mean that some of the lower ranked teams in Division One still have a chance of some Cup glory, where at the moment they don't.

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The first thing we all have to understand is that ALL the ECPL clubs voted not only for the 4 groups of 7 teams but to also have the groups regionalised. This was to ensure there were enough local derby’s.

Looking at the Group tables Chairman I noticed that St Blazey finished bottom of their group after playing all 12 games.

You will also note most of the groups were closely fought up until virtually the last two games, so it wasn’t a question of just winning the group it was trying to finish in a top four position out of seven teams Apart from Bodmin Town, Holsworthy and Callington Town all the other 25 teams had a chance to reach a top four place. In other words the competition was a huge success. Great local derby’s, bar tills ringing and some good football. My own view is that the season could have started a week earlier. But again it was up to the clubs.

Don’t forget the ECPL is a democratic organisation it took a bold move to introduce groups and by and large it has been very successful. Everyone has a chance of progressing. But what it gave the teams was more games which is what they wanted.

The other thing to remember is that there are only 28 teams in the league or 26 league matches in each division. So the shortfall had to be made up by having more cup matches. That is why the group set up was introduced. Again, if clubs want to vote against it then they have every opportunity to do so.

The only teams I think had no chance of qualifying and were trying to use the matches to sort themselves out was Callington and Bodmin who after a disastrous start were trying to build a team from virtually nothing and they both knew they were not going to qualify. In any case any player who took to the field did it to try and win the game.

Another thing is that why did virtually all the Lanreath team turn up at the Saltash versus Liskeard match on Wednesday? Simple - they wanted Liskeard to lose so that they could reach the first round and a tough away tie at Launceston.

So what is the answer?

1 A straight knock out – meaning a team could have only one cup tie therefore only a minimum of 27 league and cup games being played.

2 The current system of four groups of seven teams whereby teams will play a minimum of 38 league and cup matches.

3 Change the groups to 7 groups of four teams. That means each team would play a minimum of 32 league and cup ties.

4 Have a straight knock out cup on a home and away basis for a minimum of 28 league and cup ties.

5 Have a straight knock out cup for all the league on a home and away basis as well as having individual Division knock out cups. Again on a home and away basis. This means each team would play a minimum of 30 league and cup ties.

6 Perhaps the CCFA will grant the ECPL a constitution of 32 teams. Then the above would apply to the expanded league.

All clubs have to do is come up with proposals and put it to the league.

Below are final positions apart from the Wadebridge v Godolphin game in Group C. If Wadebridge win then Camelford will have to play Bodmin to decide who will be second. If Wadebridge lose then Camelford are second. Peppermints view of having several meaningless matches is absolutely baseless. Likewise with Chairman who also based his comment ‘ridiculous Cup set-up’ on no proof whatsoever. It is just a personal view. Stop being negative gentlemen and come up with some ideas of your own. Coach KT came up with some good ideas although seeding at any time I feel would be a dangerous practice.

As I understand it the first round is likely to be played on 12th January apart from the Launceston match. You will also note that 11 Premier Division sides and 5 Division One teams will contest the first round.

Rowett Insurance League Cup

Group A

P W D L F A Pts

*Launceston 11 9 2 0 26 9 29

*Bere Alston 12 7 0 5 40 28 21

*Morwenstow 11 5 3 3 33 20 18

* Bude Town 12 4 5 3 34 27 17

Tavistock 12 5 1 6 38 25 16

Lifton 12 2 3 7 18 49 9

Holsworthy 12 0 4 8 12 43 4

Group B

P W D L F A Pts

*Torpoint 11 9 2 0 26 11 29

*Tamarside 12 7 1 4 43 19 22

*Saltash 12 7 1 4 27 13 22

*Lanreath 12 6 0 6 19 22 18

Liskeard 12 5 1 6 25 33 16

Polperro 11 3 1 7 27 26 10

Callington 12 1 0 11 10 53 3

Torpoint awarded 6 points


P W D L F A Pts

*Godolphin 10 7 1 2 37 10 22

*Camelford 11 6 1 4 31 17 19

*Wadebridge 11 6 1 4 30 18 19

*St Columb 12 6 0 6 20 30 18

Padstow 11 5 0 6 14 32 15

St Newlyn 11 3 4 4 27 22 13

Bodmin 10 1 1 8 6 36 4

St Columb awarded 3 points

Group D

P W D L F A Pts

*Biscovey 12 9 2 1 27 15 29

*Sticker 12 8 1 3 37 18 25

*Probus 11 5 2 4 24 21 17

*Roche 12 5 2 5 14 22 17

Nanpean 11 3 1 7 24 30 10

St Stephen 12 2 3 7 24 32 9

St Blazey 12 2 3 7 22 34 9

* teams qualifed for first round draw.

First Round Draw

Launceston v Lanreath

Torpoint Athletic v Roche

Godolphin v Bude Town

Biscovey v St Columb Major

Bere Alston v Probus

Tamarside v Morwenstow

Wadebridge Town or Camelford v Saltash United

Sticker v Wadebridge Town or Camelford

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Guest Peppermint

Peppermint's view is baseless - for want of a better word! Rubbish - it is fairly obvious if the competition consists of so many games then there is a point when some clubs are just playing to fulfill the fixtures and have no hope of winning through to the next stage - FACT.

How can that be disputed!!!!!

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I think the main point of having these leagues in the early round is to give teams as many matches as possible. If you were to ask each player whether they wanted a straight knockout or league system im sure they would all prefer the league basis. At the end of the day whether they play for Callington or Torpoint, all players want to do is play. The more games the better!!!

As for Reserve sides not being able to use so called SW Peninsula players in the cup i find ridiculous!!!! The whole point of a reserve side is to use players who have the ambition to play at a higher level. I use Torpoint as an example. I am also sure if they have a "first team" player returning from injury then they would help the player gain fitness. With the turmoil of late of Liskeard they had to rely on several Reserve players for their SW games. If teams weren't allowed to use SW players then surely the rule would work both ways and the likes of Godolphin and Probus wouldn't be allowed to use their reserve players???????

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As manager of a Division One team fighting for promotion, my only concern with SW Peninsula players playing for 'Reserve' teams is that some far more unscrupulous clubs than Torpoint bung established first team players into their reserves to the detriment of regular reserve team players that has nothing to do with loss of form, returning from injury etc, but is just to give them more chance of getting a result, especially in cup ties.

Having close working relationships between first & reserve team squads is fine as I firmly believe that any player who signs for a Peninsula club should be prepared to play for both teams given the reasons mentioned above. It also gives young reserve team players a greater incentive if they know that there is a chance of progression into first team football. However, I know of some reserve team players who are dropped every time their first team hasn't got a game, and that's not right.

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Perhaps peppermint you have never played the game or any other game for that matter because your reply as I have stated is baseless.

So a player gets up in the morning and says Nah!!!! I don't want to play today because it is not worth it, they are rubbish or we are rubbish or we've got no chance so why play. He decides to go to the ground and the manager says its not worth it we cant win so why bother you can play if you want I am off home. What absolute nonsense.

Put it this way. You start the new season and you lose the first five matches. So whats the point in playing its not worth it as we have no chance of winning the league or gaining promotion so all we are doing is 'fulfilling our fixtures'. That remark certainly takes the biscuit.

A local church team I played for as a youth was so bad we lost almost every game by double digit scores. We didn't finish bottom because there was a team worse than us but we loved it because every saturday we played a game of football. In every competition I would say 90% of the teams don't win a thing and I am not just talking about football. So why do they play. Simple because they enjoy it. So clubs who are not so good will say no thanks we wont be playing xyz team today as we are not going to win. Forget the bar takings we are not playing.

You have dug yourself a hole, I suggest you stop before you fall in. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

And you still haven't come up with any logical answer, in fact no solution at all.

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Guest Peppermint

What it is like to be right all the time ECPL - just you and God!!

I have played sport at quite a decent level in more than one sport as well but that is beside the point it is not worth bothering about to make the arguement that the League Cup competition needs revamping but then if nobody wants to change it then ok get on with it. I think Mr Chairman at St Blazey would like a change so some clubs are not all that pleased with the system as it is now.

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I think you are being a little unfair Peppermint. I laid out in No. 5 above what the scenario was and possible solutions. Coach KT did the same.

Any input by yourself would be appreciated I'm sure. Like yourself Chairman has not come up with a possible solution only a question.

It's a shame that people cannot debate a subject without throwing insults around. You say you have played different sports. Surely you must have played at sometime for a team that was poor but did you say to yourself 'I don't want to play' or the 'club doesn't want to play' because it was not worth it. Of course not.

Do you or anyone else have a solution? If so I am sure the ECPL would love to here from you It's almost certain the format will change for next season But what if the clubs vote to keep the format as it is?

I think the league has been very bold and brave to initiate this league Cup format. Some clubs like it, some don't. But it is the clubs who wil ultimately decide.

So come on insult me if you wish, but why not channel your energy by trying to help the league out by coming up with a possible solution.

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Guest Peppermint

Sorry ECPL perhaps I was being a little too agressive but perhaps it is the thought of the big game at Anfield tomorrow!!!!

The Combination League run a League Cup and a Supplementary Cup for First Round losers and clubs who lose in the Second Round having had a bye in the First Round.

This seems to work quite well and the clubs all seem to enjoy this format. Would this not work for the ECPL and would still give the clubs in the lower division a crack at the Premier League clubs and in a one off game they would have a much better chance of causing a few upsets rather than the mini league system now run.

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The ECPL did have a League cup and a supplementary Cup. The clubs did not like it so they threw out the Supplementary Cup calling it a losers cup. This meant a new format had to be drawn up and in all fairness the new one hasn't gone down to bad at all although you cant please everyone. You will alsways find the losing manager or club saying 'well we aren't concentrating on the league cup'.

Contrary to what you may feel that some later matches could be called 'dead games', apart from a couple of cases everyone had a chance of qualifying almost to the death.

Put it this way. You are in the bottom two in the league without a hope in hell of doing anything but the Group games give you another 12 games where you might, just might make a top four finish. If you had a straight knock out then you are more than likely going to be knocked out of that very early and your season is virtually over and it becomes a battle against relegation.

I would like to see the group stages the same but more of them with fewer teams in each.

And don't worry about tomorrow Fergies boys will be ok.

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