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Moving the goalposts


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Right guys who can answer this one for me.

All Throgmorton cup games to be played by the 29 /12/07 thats what was placed on this sight when the drawwas made by the main man, ok fair enough if thats the rule no problem.

So why do Torpoint have to wait until the 5/01/08 to play their game at the Uni of Exeter.

Um now thats a strange one and an even stranger answer was given as to why.

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Guest crosser

it is a bit of a strange one on the website it says that all ties to be played before tuesday the 1st of january, Exeter Uni v Torpoint sat 5th jan.

Again its not really torpoints problem that exeter uni can't fufil the fixture before then.

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Ok Chaps

First of all it is not a "Rule" that fixtures have to be played by a certain date, it is a deadline or schedule, the actual rule says "all ties will be on a date & time as notfied by the league secretary".

I arranged for all the games to be scheduled prior to the 1st January (which was the deadline, not the 29th Dec) as in todays world the players don't really want to play on New Years Day, I know the supporters do but in truth we get enough chances to watch football without having to force teams to play on New Years Day.

When scheduling the dates I looked at the least impact a fixture change makes, the reason why the original dates were from Weds 5th Dec (Budleigh) to Sat 29th Dec (St Blazey) were to minimise the affect on other clubs, and the reserve teams and leagues who share the pitches. I rarely use the heavy handed "precedence" hand as all the leagues have a part to play and its far better to get on with them.

So thats the background, now the game was called off, no question correctly on Saturday, as far as I'm concerned University have done nothing wrong, the game was arranged prior to the deadline but was legit called off, if St Blazey v Ivybridge is off under the same circumstances on the 29th the same deadline applies.

Now a new date, Midweek is out as neither side has lights, Saturday 15th - Reserves at Home, Saturday 22nd & Saturday 29th - University had asked for these 2 dates off on the original fixture questionaire - to my mind this is no different to Torpoint having asked for September 8th off and having been granted it. These were the only 2 dates University had asked for off all season, 2 dates is not uncommon for many clubs.

So January - Saturday 12th was already out - not because of University whose ground was avaliable that day - but because Torpoint are in the Cornwall Senior Cup. Saturday 5th January - University Reserves at Home ! - I negotiated with the local league and the University club to move the reserve team game (they required due notice, this coming Saturday would have been too short) therefore bringing the pitch into play.

Finally - Other teams - On the 5th Jan Torpoint were away at Saltash, University were away at Newton Abbot. By careful consideration I was able to give Saltash an altrernative home fixture (Holsworthy bought forward as they had no game that day) and also Newton Abbot in East could play Totnes & Dartington instead, they were the odd "17th" side that day.

So we end up with 2 extra teams playing on a Saturday, the cup tie re-scheduled, feeder leagues happy. The only party with any legit gripe would be Torpoint if they thought University would be weaker, in all honesty this Saturday they would be just as strong as term doesn't end until Friday and its only chance the first team have no game, the other 2 Saturdays - this would be no different to having a legit request pre-season from Torpoint - granting it - and then going back on my word and making them play - hardly acceptable.


Phil H

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