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Trelawny Div 4 on 4/11/17. Wendron v Penzance report

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Trelawny Div 4

4th November 2017

Wendron United 4ths 2-5 Penzance Reserves

Att – 16

Hope springs eternal as it looked like the perfect day for football, dry, sunny and a slight breeze. That was until we are told we are playing on the top pitch at Wendron! Sunny yes, but a different weather system up there, a few drops of sprinkled rain plus the breeze becomes a gusting, cold gale blowing up the length of the pitch.

The sides had met four times previously over the past couple of seasons with the Magpies winning the lot. Today they went away from the game with that record intact but Wendron should have been out of sight by half-time as Penzance couldn't string two passes together or their shooting was abysmal. It wasn't until they equalised just before the hour that they took control and ran out winners.

Penzance kick off facing the clubhouse end and the wind and spend the first 15 minutes camped in the Wendron half with the home side make brief forays into their opponents territory. Penzance win a corner on the right, over it goes, a shot and the agile keeper is down to block. A few Penzance shots go anywhere apart from goal-ward and one or two of the youngsters were doing good work up front, winning the ball but deciding to hold onto it for too long then eventually losing out to the third defender they try to beat. Time and time again, shots coming in from the left were for some reason being belted to the right of the posts. Penzance win several corners but they come to nothing as both sides crowd the box and shots just deflect wide or away.

After quarter of an hour, on perhaps Wendron's sixth break they come quickly down their left, lob the ball cross pitch, which wrong-foots the defenders. A defender tries to tap the ball back to the keeper to clear but the long grass holds it up allowing a striker to run in and fire past the stranded goalie.

Wendron now with their tails up take control of the game and press forward. It's their turn for a couple of corners, but like at the other end, mass defending does not move the score along.

It becomes Penzance's turn to score against the run of play. Winning a throw in midfield it is thrown in front of a player who is already steaming down the right-hand channel. He touches it on to Reece Evans who gets to the corner of the box before curling a delicate cross goal shot past the keeper. Twenty minutes gone, 1-1.

Wendron are still pushing with the help of the wind. A long range shot forces keeper, Simon Mortimer to finger tip the ball over for a home corner that comes to nothing. Half an hour gone and Wendron win a corner on their left. The ball comes over, shot, blocked, another shot deflects out towards the back of the penalty area where a player fires in low with the ball just going in at the back post. Now 2-1 with thirty gone.

The excitement of leading seems to go to the host's heads as they sit back a bit, still pressing forward they seem to snatch at shots or kick too long in their rush to increase the lead. This gives Penzance time have a couple of chances of their own in the last few minutes of the half. A quick break on the left is squared, a shot, the keeper down quickly to push the ball around the post for a corner. Again from the left, the ball is knocked across, a rising shot from under the bar, hits it and bounces back out. H-T

Even though Penzance score four goals in the second half, apart from them, goalmouth action at either end is few and far between so it almost becomes a matter of describing the goals and nothing else.

For the first few minutes of the half, Wendron still dominate possession but create no close chances. At the other end the Wendron keeper has time to write a book as Penzance can't string a row of passes together to get out of their own half. At the time it looked like eventually it would be only time before Wendron increase their lead.

After fifty-eight minutes that all changes as Penzance get back on level terms, then get their playing heads on and score another three. The Magpies come down the left with Tristan Hunter who lays the ball off to Luke Carroll who turns and shoots in from six yards.

A couple of minutes later Penzance get their noses in front. Again they sweep left with Carroll who squares for Evans to volley in.

These two goals in two minutes seems to knock the stuffing from Wendron who now lack bite all over the pitch. Keeper Mortimer becomes a virtual spectator for the last quarter of and hour as Pezance push forward to increase their lead. Trouble is, the Magpies are getting all the ball but they are still a bit wayward in the their finishing and the youngsters still want to hold the ball a little to long. They win a series of corners but nothing comes from them.

On seventy-two minutes, 4-2, again from a run down the left. The ball is passed long by Ben Mackleden, cross pitch to the back of the box for Jack Le Marechal, who knocks it across to Carroll who fires in from eight yards. Great goal for it's simplicity and speed.

Two minutes later a Alex Collier gets the final goal to make it 5-2. Penzance break into the box, the keeper gets tangle up and is knocked flat. The ball is cleared out towards half-way where Collier looks up, sees the keeper getting up, so he volleys the ball from thirty-five plus yards watching it float over the the goalie's head and into the top of the net.

For the last few minutes there only looks as if one side will score any more goals, but it is not to be and with a Wendron player going down with cramp the referee brings the game to a halt a couple of minutes early.

Penzance keep up their winning streak against Wendron but the score-line flatters the Magpies a bit, as Wendron, at half-time, should have been more than two-one in front, plus the two goals in two minutes kick-started the game for the visitors who until then looked second best.

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To be fair, we tried to make up for the top pitch disappointment with getting the nicer changing rooms! 


Fair report! We had a couple of one on one chances saved and in fairness to our keeper, he was taken out moments before the lob. 

Look forward to the return leg. Good luck until then! 

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