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CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

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17 hours ago, Foot Loose 1 said:

According to Rule 7a the first round of the Junior Cup will not be played earlier than the first Saturday in October.

The rule says

a. i. The first round of the Junior Cup Competition will not be played earlier than the first Saturday in October each year.

Does this mean all games have to be replayed.

I'm guessing you lost yesterday?

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Let's be honest. Does it really matter? Normally we are moaning about how we haven't got a game or the seasons gone 4 weeks without a fixture. Does it matter the first round has been played a day earlier than the month of October? 

If said team debating the rule IF you're officiated to any team/club had won their said fixture would you be moaning about such a ruling? 

Are you that perfect at managing a fixture list, or structuring a league and cup / cups campaign then why don't you drop your CV into the CCFA and show these chaps and ladies who put the effort in time and time again how it's done? ?

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12 hours ago, panda said:

I can not see what you are getting at Steve. By saying WILL NOT be played before the first Saturday in October means exactly that. There is no leeway.

In rules and regulations 'will' is used to express an intent or desire to do something; 'shall' on the other hand is prescriptive i.e. it's mandatory and if you were to word search on any leagues rules I'm sure you'd find many, many more instances of 'shall' than 'will' for precisely this reason.  The rule as it is written gave, this year, the option to play the first round on 30th September which the Competitions Committee clearly chose to do.  

There's nothing new in this wording.  When the rules were re-written in 2013 this was a direct copy across from the old rules.  And lest we forget, the dates for this years JC rounds were published months ago.  I suspect some, hopefully lighthearted, mischief making by Foot Loose as I know he understands the difference.  

17 hours ago, Bruegel the Elder said:

Hmmm a little more clarity could have been achieved by substituting the word should, or alternatively by having no such rule at all, allowing the C.C.F.A. to schedule the game for whenever they choose, as seems to be the case in practice.

Possibly.  But for various reasons it's not always possible for all clubs to play on the first date and it's written as 'shall' then what do you do?  The current wording gives a clear statement of intent as to when the competition will start and the actual date is published well in advance.  Last year the first round was on 1st Oct. and in 2015 the 3rd Oct.; dates which pretty much fell on the same weekend as this years.  As Asterix says, does it really matter that much?

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13 minutes ago, Foot Loose 1 said:

The term 'will' does possibly give options, but does the term 'will not' further define the position.

No.  Shall not would but that has clearly not been used.

14 minutes ago, Foot Loose 1 said:

If the clubs breach the rules they get fines, therefore when the CCFA breach the rule should they not get fined.

The rule as written has not been breached.  If your not happy with it propose an amendment.  Should any county FA breach their rules they would be held to account by those further up the food chain should a complaint be made and upheld.   

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On 02/10/2017 at 12:36, Steve Carpenter said:

This rule is deliberately written using the word 'will' to give flexibility in circumstances where, as was the case this year, the last Saturday in September falls on the 30th or thereabouts.  If the word 'shall' had been used instead of 'will' then yes, the rule would not have been followed.

Nice. ?

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