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Ricky Hatton Fight


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i will defo be watching

a couple of mates of mine got tickets for £400 each they have flown over to vegas and they reckon they will get at least 2k each for them and are then going to watch the fight in one of the casinos (lucky ba*****s).

i think that the hitman is a massive underdog with people in the know but i reckon he can do it


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I've got it ordered for a select few to watch at my beloved club house. Should be a cracking night because I've organised a pool and darts tournament for the evening and then we'll watch Amir Khan on ITV at 21.55, then we'll watch match of the day and then turn over to watch the 4 title fights on Sky Box Office from 23.00...

Going to be a real effort to stay awake/sober enough to watch the fight BUT we'll have a hell of a laugh in the process.

Ricky "The Fatun" Hatton will chop the mouthy yank down like a crippled tree and emerge victorious by way of knockout. He has to because you don't beat an American champion on points in Vegas. Although it appears that after watching pretty much the whole build up since the fight was announced, the Americans are actually rooting for Hatton and want him to slaughter Mayweather?. One thing is for sure, I'm bloody excited about the biggest fight involving an Englishman since Bruno fought Tyson and nothing in the world was going to stop me from watching this fight.

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